5 Best Techniques That Will Enhance Your Product Sales

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According to the Sandler Training, believing that “thinking that your sales presentation will seal the deal” we should avoid. Instead, always help the prospect discover the best reasons to buy from us.

      Selling any product or any service can be a daunting task for anyone, marketers who boosted their sales, certainly, they have taken steps on proven techniques.

The other marketers who fail to increase their sales are those people who haven’t followed the right approach or are not bothered to put in the right efforts. 

According to The Marketing Donut, “80% of the sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow up”.

Just imagine how impactful can those salespeople be for the companies or themselves if they just made more follow-ups.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 best techniques that will enhance your product sales.

5 Best techniques that will enhance your product sales

  • Influence is the crucial element to drive the value of the product

Here comes the influence marketing, so should we acknowledge it.

What is influence marketing?

Influence is an ability to impress someone to adopt our point of view, we believe in our service or product such as Digital marketing, software, an application, or e-book, so we naturally want others to believe in it, too.

Quite often we see advertisers rely on the leading influencers to promote their product, this is not because the product owner can’t sell, but because influencers have built their credibility standard among the public. So people count on their opinions.

Some people think influence and popularity is the same thing, but in reality, they both differ from each other  

In a recent report by Brian Solis, a study was conducted with Vocus, a person responded in that poll was written as “Popularity is fleeting and influence lasts”.

When we are selling over the internet, our main goal should not be becoming popular.

We should spend time to build our influence because influence demands actions or desirable outcomes.  

Before selling any product we need to sell our self

We need to understand that we are the product, first of all, we should convince our self to buy it then only we can sell it to others.

 Secondly just like any product, we should communicate and promote the value of that product.

There are different means of generating leads such as 

  • Email marketing
  • Websites/landing pages
  • Content marketing 
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search media marketing
  • Webinars
  • Live events
  • Online advertising 
  • Testing and optimizing

Selling yourself is quite challenging. Even though there are a lot of opportunities for marketing that can be tempting for any human brain, but with opportunities comes high competition.

Choose wisely, become passionate about the product, and help people by educating them.

This will build our trust among the public as a result we can get popularity as well as grow influence. 

Build desire with Benefits:

People buy products not of its features but because of its benefits.

The majority of people think that services or products sell because of its features, but hold on, this is not the case.

We need to dive into the mind of the customer, by starting from the strongest benefits of our product. It will show that we care about the customer rather than their tangible money.

If we discover the benefits our product can give to our customers, we can persuade our customers, by telling that hey this is how your life can be at ease while using our product.

Consumers are happy to buy products that will update their lives in a better way.

Summarizing, benefits are what we can do with the product and features are what the product can do.

So more often talk about the benefits, not the features.

  • Sell the results by painting a clear picture

Results are what matter’s the most for everyone.

  • Someone who is running a business, he wants results in the shape of high sales 
  • Patient visits a doctor, the patient wants result in the shape of health 
  • A consumer buys a product, wants results in the shape of a bundle of benefits.

As a good practice, we should sell our results, and if not we might struggle in generating sales, leads, and revenue.

Nowadays we are most probably selling, to the new generations such as millennial, these groups of people are the most educated generation of all time.

Even if they don’t have any degree, but they know what the product is selling us, so we can’t fool them with fancy gimmicks, pop-ups, etc.

So while marketing keeps in mind that we need proper research and data before targeting this generation.

The “result” is the data in the advertising world. 

Advertisers use this data as a metric. If your product helped a customer to lose body fat, this is the metric that we can use to win more customers.

Tara gentle in its art of earning has mentioned “People are not looking for your service (or your product, or your program) they’re looking for results.

Make good use of “before and after” results

For example, a person bought your product “X” that has improved his sales, your work is to show the before sales and after buying your product sales.

This would be a practical proof and we need this metric to promote, as a result, we will get an increase in our sales too.  

  • Credibility depends on trust and expertise

Want to make more money? 

Simple sell more.

But selling more depends on the trust and credibility of your brand.

We can build credibility in many ways, one of the popular choices is giving top-level customer service.

People are looking for solutions to their problems, why not become an agent and solve their problems while giving them access to the information they are looking for.

Top brands have high sales, it’s easy for them to launch any new product because they already have worked their ass off, to build credibility.

It’s their credibility that holds their customers, and customer service is a vital part of credibility.  

Few tips on how to build credibility 

Frequently produce quality content

If writing content is an issue, hire writers to write for you, but make sure to create custom content that suits your audience and their needs.

Build relations

Building relation is a time-consuming task but it’s worth it.

Solve relevant problems

For example, if you are an SEO consultant, help your customers to optimize their websites. 

When customers ask a question-answer them correctly

Response back to your customers, give them replies according to their needs. 

Grow and monitor your domain authority in your niche

Growing domain authority is just not a piece of cake, we have to go through a lot of things involved in it such as creating powerful backlinks, producing high-quality content, etc. 

Monitoring your domain authority is quite simple, thanks to the da checker tool that allows us to just copy and paste the URL of our website and get the metrics that are important for ranking higher on search results.

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