Best Soft Washing Services in England and Guide to Soft Washing

Best Soft Washing Services in England and Guide to Soft Washing

Soft washing is one of the best cleaning techniques for homes. It uses low-pressure water with a mix of bleach, surfactants, and algaecides. It is popular because of its safely cleaning of surfaces without any damage to the property. Here in this article, we will discuss the best soft washing services in England and will guide you about soft washing.

Best Soft Washing Services in England

There is a number of services for soft washing are available in England. Go through for the best soft washing services in England. You can also hire this professional service in Surrey, Guildford, Sevenoaks, and Esher.

Difference between soft washing and power washing and pressure washing

There are differences between the two washing techniques soft washing and pressure washing.

Both techniques use different equipment, pressure, and chemical for washing the surfaces. Soft washing uses less pressure water than power washing and pressure washing. Also, power washing uses hot water then the pressure washing technique.

Softwashing is best to remove the mold, mildew, fungus, moss, and bacteria from the surfaces with the use of disinfecting solution of cleaning. The cleaning solution which is used in the soft washing technique is biodegradable.

You can use soft washing on almost all surfaces. If any surface is difficult to clean with high pressure and there is a chance of damages on the surface due to pressure then you can use soft washing. You can use it on screens, wood paneling, window, and roof shingles.

For roof cleaning, soft washing is the best method. You can visit to book the best soft washing services in England. If you have an asphalt roof then soft washing with the use of bleach or detergent with water is good to stop damage while washing the roof.

Most roof surfaces need cleaning of algae which is growing in a humid atmosphere and can decrease the life of your roof up to 10 years. It leaves dark marks on the roof surface. Soft washing is the best method of washing this type of roof that removes algae and its marks without damaging the surface.

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High pressure of pressure washing damages the surface of the roof and roof tiles. Also, both techniques power and pressure washing can not remove all algae and other systems like fungal and plant growth totally.

Method of soft washing

For the preparation of soft washing, first, cover all the plants and surfaces that are not part of washing. Prepare a solution of soft washing with water. You can use a sprayer which is used in agriculture for spraying the solution. Also, you need a pump and hose pipe to run water with low pressure.

You can also contact good professional soft washing services for this work. Go through for more information. You need to keep the solution on the surface for minutes so it can kill all the surface fungus, bacteria, and algae from their roots. You need to make a more concentrated solution for the roof than other surfaces like walls and siding.

Chemicals used in Soft Washing

In the soft washing technique, chemicals are used with water to make a soft washing solution. 


Bleach is best to kill mold and mildew, moss, algae, and fungus growth of the roof. It can kill all these things from their root so they will not grow again after soft washing. This chemical will not damage the surface of the roof and other areas so it is widely used in soft washing.

Cleaning surfactant

This is used in hard surfaces that need cleaning. It will help the solution to lose all dirt from the surface. It will remove plants, dirt, and fungi easily by its chemical process. The process is the same as we used in dishwashing. Dishwashing solution removes all oil and food from the plate. This is like that. 

Benefits of soft washing

The first benefit of soft washing is that it is an eco-friendly method. Chemicals which are used in this method are biodegradable. Also, the solution used in this method is less harmful than other cleaning techniques that are available nowadays.

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This is a less costly method than other cleaning techniques. It will increase the life of your property and important surface like roofs. This technique will help you to cut maintenance costs on property in the long term.

We hope this article will help you with all the important things about the soft washing cleaning method.

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