Best PHP Books in 2021

PHP is a powerful open-source programming language, which has stolen the show of the web world. Easy development & management, database flexibility, constant updates, powerful community support, and cost-efficiency – these are the reasons for choosing PHP for web development.

The challenge is: how to absorb the massive bunch of unknown info concerning the PHP field?  Let’s take an old school way and explore the specialised literature concerning PHP inner cuisine.

  • Mike McGrath “PHP & MySQL in easy steps”

This manual acquaintances you with creating websites that can easily be updated by developers. All you need for this are PHP scripting language and a prominent MySQL database server. Owing to clear,  laconic an understandable book’s language, you can understand in simple words such processes as:

  • Saving and recollecting data;
  • Producing forms, providing forums;
  • Processing registrations and logging procedures;
  • Making an eCommerce cart

What is more, examples provided by the book offer the reader a clear syntax-highlighted code, which you can easily use in the future. This manual is appropriate both for web devs who are eager to grasp the essence of PHP and MySQL in short terms and for amateurs who want to create data-driven sites for their own.

  • Lynn Beighley & Michael Morrison “Head First PHP & MySQL: A Brain-Friendly Guide” 

It’s a universal guide, suitable for novices in this particular programming sphere. If you feel the urge to construct more versatile and complicated web platforms, which are based on PHP frameworks, it’s high time to become fully equipped with a proper set of skills, using this book as an itinerary.

A handbook presents you the milestones of utmost importance about both primary and progressive notions of PHP scripting language and MySQL database server. Furthermore, it illustrates real-life cases for better readers’ realising of the advantages of these two tools in different contexts. 

This guide uses a rich visual format, which engages the reader and doesn’t put him to sleep, unlike a pile of barely readable text.

  • Luke Welling & Laura Thomson “PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fifth Edition”

Once again, this handbook shows you the simple and safe route to making efficient web apps. It focuses on the core principles of these two tools that we discussed before, both separately and in relation.  New security measures, cloud and mobile development, and using the PEAR repository’s massive resources supplement this latest book edition. It also sheds the light upon drafting, designing and constructing phases of a couple of sample projects. Thanks to demonstrable examples, the reader can get the hang of complicated concepts and see the relations with eCommerce and social media. 

With this renewed guidebook on hands, you will be obviously prepared for making powerful and competitive web applications.

Having absorbed the theoretical material about PHP, it’s also vital to apply it in practice. If you struggle at early stages of your knowledge implementation, feel free to appeal to our SapientPro development team. Skilled programmers, creative vision, the spirit of go-getters, and numerous successful projects based on PHP frameworks – that’s why you should collaborate with us!

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