Best Outdoor Toys to Encourage Kids to Play Outside

The kids love to play indoor and outdoor games. In present time, many parents complain that their kids are in front of screens for hours and are least interested to go out. But the kids don’t know that playing video games and watching movies all the time are harmful for them. So, you have to do something to encourage your kids to get out of the house.

There are many best outdoor toys that your kids can play with their friends. In order to find the most interesting toys for kids, we have talked to child psychologists and some experts. After talking to them, we come to know that you need to get the exciting toys that your kids cannot resist. So, you don’t need to push your kids, they will come out on their own.

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

There are some sports like football, volleyball that are best played in the sports ground. But some games are playable in your backyard or the garden near your home. The outdoor toys include many amazing tools that entertain the kids and also help in their development. Here we provide some best outdoor toys for kids that will change your kids’ life completely.

#1. Basketball Kit

A basketball set is one of the best outdoor toys for toddlers and kids. The kit is made of one hoop and one or more basketballs. The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set comes with a stand on which the hoop is on the top and 3 balls. It is an ideal basketball kit for toddlers and little kids.

In case your kids are elder, they cannot play with the little basketball set. For them, you should buy the GoSports Splash Hoop Basketball Game Set with two balls. In the beginning, you need to teach your kids how to play basketball in the backyard/garden. Once they have learned, they will start enjoying it and it will make them come out of the house and play outdoor for hours.

#2. Swing Set

A swing set can provide unlimited fun to your kids. Based upon the size of a swing set, it contains multiple swings, a slide and a small cabin for resting. One swing set can accommodate multiple kids at a time. So, you can allow your kids and friends to play on the swing set and enjoy it as long as they want.

#3. Trampoline

A trampoline in your backyard is a wonderful outdoor toy for kids. If your kids are below 6 years then you should buy the best toddler trampoline for them. In case your kids are 6 years or older then you can buy an outdoor trampoline with size range from 8 foot to 16 foot or higher. You should choose the trampoline size based on your needs and space available in your backyard.

Jumping on a trampoline is the most loved activity by kids. You should just ask your kids if they want to jump on a trampoline and they will immediately respond with yes. For safety concern, you should allow only one kid at a time on the trampoline surface. Make sure the trampoline has higher weight capacity to bear your kid’s weight and provide great bouncing fun.

The best trampoline for kids does not provide only fun, it also helps to develop balance and coordination in your kids. Bouncing on a trampoline makes your child’s muscles stronger and help in their overall development.

#4. Dome Climber

The parents always want their kids to do productive activities. So, you cannot leave your kids playing stupid games all the time. We recommend a Dome Climber for your kids. You can get the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center at an affordable price and install it in your backyard.

The Dome Climber allows your kids to climb on it by themselves. It helps to develop balance, hand-foot-eye coordination and also make the kids physically & mentally stronger. The kids can climb on it from side and reach to the top of the dome. Moreover, the kids can do monkey swing style holding the dome top and enjoy swinging for a while.

#5. Teeter Totter

When you were a kid, you had played on a teeter totter with your buddy. The time has changed now but the kids still love to play on it. You should get the Teeter Totter Set of the size that is convenient for your kids. It is not so expensive, so you can afford it.

On a Teeter Totter, two or three kids can play at a time. When two kids are sitting opposite to each other, they can push their seat to pull the other kid above in the air. The same way, other kid can push down the seat to pull the first one. It is very interesting and entertaining outdoor game to play for kids.

#6. Picnic Table

A picnic table can turn your backyard into a picnic place. You should arrange some music around the table and give some snacks to the kids. It will make their entire day joyful and more beautiful than just playing video games inside the house.

When you choose a picnic table, make sure it is made of premium materials. The table should have enough seats to accommodate your kids and their friends as well. Not only eating snacks, the kids can do drawing, painting and other activities on the picnic table.

#7. Inflatable Swimming Pool

An inflatable play center is the best outdoor toy for kids except the winter season. Your kids will love playing in warm water in the inflatable swimming pool toy. The pool is inflatable, it is filled with air so the kids won’t feel any hard surface while walking, jumping or playing inside the pool area.

Final Words

As a parent, you must take some action to encourage your kids for various outdoor games and activities. We hope our suggested outdoor toys are helpful to make your kids active and healthy. You can also get a bike or bicycle for your kids so that they can enjoy riding it and also get some exercise.

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