Best Ecommerce Website Designs for 2021 and Tips for Creating Successful E-Commerce Sites:

Although there could be many reasons for turning a visitor into a loyal customer, one that takes no backseat is an appealing website design. A well-crafted design has the leverage to entice more audiences. Also, when you add a dollop of simplicity to it, it becomes even easier. A user can now navigate across your site with comfort and convenience. 

E-commerce is all about being fresh and updated. You might see some serious churn if your website is outdated or clunky. To save you some bygone customers and make shopping even fun, here is a list of 8 such amazing tips for you. Let your competitions run laps around you while you enjoy your stardom. Here is how you do that:

1.    Simplicity and Utility

2.    Quality Pixels and Visuals

3.    Filter your Features

4.    Organized Layouts

5.    You May Also Like

6.    Frequently Asked Questions

7.    No complicated Check-Out

8.    Safety and Security 

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Simplicity and Utility

A user wants to have a simple yet fulfilling shopping experience. Therefore, steer away from inputting distracting links, graphics, or images that could send the user out. A simple design throws a minimalistic yet professional outlook. 

Not only that, it will allow the visitor to access more conversion points to utilize in a short period. Hence, give simplicity a priority over appearance. Include simplified search functions and the quick responsiveness and see how they glue in. 

Quality Pixels and Visuals

In an online market, a visitor does not stand a chance to see the product physically. That is deemed as one of the biggest pain points for an ecommerce business. In such a case, putting grainy, low-resolution pictures is a strict no!

Say yes to high-resolution, quality pictures that do all the talking.

And at places where it demands a video description too, include that. Blurry, pixelated pictures can turn away a visitor as they might think the product is also not of great quality. Additionally, you can showcase the product from different angles.

Filter your Features:

Improve your website’s search results by enabling the option of filters. It is a total nightmare to find the most glamorous swimsuit for you, just not in your perfect size! Let your customers surf through your website by adding as many filters as possible. 

This could include price range, size, color, type, brand, and the list goes on. Filters ensure that the user lands on the desired product as requested by him, ruling out the unnecessary ones. 

Organized Layouts

Your layout matters substantially. In most of the e-commerce websites, you will preferably find grid layouts. Grids follow organized rows and columns’ format, making it convenient for the user to follow a pattern. 

Also, see that not too many products are aligned in a single row or column. A maximum of three or four products seems to do just fine. Similarly, avoid stuffing a specific product back to back, too, that could get cumbersome, and the user might have to waste more time. 

On top of all that, remember space matters too. White space screams breathing and allows a visitor to distinguish between closely placed products. 

You May Also Like

It is always a good deal to add on a ‘you may also like’ or ‘related items’ at the end of the page they are browsing. Adding this section enhances the chance of being clicked almost by 100 percent. These related items make it simpler for them to compare two similar products. 

Over and above, it renders a rather personalized touch to their surfing experience. Customers get to see that you are assisting their shopping. Further, this also paves the way for upselling and cross-sell opportunities, so watch out!

Frequently Asked Questions

While browsing, a user may face some dilemma and could require some help. Instead of them reaching out to you directly over call or text, it is a lot easier if they can get it solved from the frequently asked questions section. 

Some of the topics, such as return policies, account management, or support, might raise many questions from the customer’s end. In that case, adding a specific page can act as a resource for them to figure it out themselves. Further, this cuts down on the customer calls and gives the executive representatives a break from calls that a FAQ segment can handle. 

No complicated Check-Out

Well, it is highly recommended to make your check out process as easy as it can get. It will be like a dagger on your chest if a customer reaches the final point of purchasing from you and bails at the last instance. To avoid the blade, insure yourself with a quick and easy check-out procedure. 

It should be okay for starters; if a customer checks out as a guest, that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Second, asking too many questions than needed might irritate a customer also. Request the information which is vehemently required by you. This includes shipping address, payment credentials, and name. 

Safety and Security 

It is a no brainer; security is much needed for all of your users. Cybercriminals target the financial information derived from your cards. In such a case, your customers want to put a lock on when it comes to their security. 

And don’t you think your user deserves to be safe while purchasing from you? Shake hands with the wildcard SSL certificate and big goodbye to all the safety issues. A wildcard SSL certificate clubs in a two-factor authentication process. It puts a hard stop from any cyber threats that could break into your system. Educate your customers on how you value their protection. 

Best Ecommerce Website Designs for 2021

To make things even convenient, we have done our homework. We help you dig into your inspiration. Here are the top 10 best-looking e-commerce sites that will make you go gaga over it. Let’s begin. 


Macy’s has been known to revolutionize the retail industry. It has already ascertained how best to form a strong online presence – and their e-commerce website is proof. The best part about Macy’s is its visually appealing face. Moreover, the enriching content and crisp compilation of deals make it stand out of the rest.

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Forever 21

Forever 21 is unusually popular for its fashion trends and eclectic fabric range. It is a super trendy site that is hugely common in young adults and teens’ target audience.

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What sets it apart is their clear sections, where a customer can easily find what he is searching for. Interestingly, Forever 21 has this display that changes as per the season. It showcases you some of the best fits that are a must-have in your wardrobe for that season. 


If you are looking for a unique clothing brand and is like a never-seen-before in terms of photography, you must head to Hebe. They believe in fleshing out their products that outline intrinsic details. Further, they prefer a bold, thick font, which enhances readability. The use of quality pictures grabs your attention and is a must-visit website. Delve right in and find your favorite pick right away.

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Jackie Smith

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And at number 4 is Jackie Smith. This one is for the kids – zip through the colorful backpacks, making going to school even more fun. The website’s specialty is the correct usage of a bright color palette, which is evenly splashed all over the entire website. 

Not only that, you can delve into other collections too that include shoes, accessories, bags, and clothing as well. So, what are you waiting for? Give your kids a special present this birthday with super pretty backpacks that grants them

the right attention amongst peers. 

Dollar Shave Club 

Here is a little something for our male readers. Dollar Shave Club is not a new name to you. It has now become a common household name, recognized by the men clan from all over the globe. Its well-built, aesthetic facet of the website has given away a testament to its worldwide reputation.

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As soon as you hit the homepage, you will see a background video that walks you through glimpses of the company. You will also find options for ‘How it works’ and ‘Get Started,’ enabling your smooth interaction with the interface. 

Dick Moby 

Have you run out of stylish sunglasses that scream a fashion statement? Fret no more, say Hello to Dick Moby, a leading sunglasses and eyeglasses brand. What makes it different is its funny elements, squiggles, and creative patterns that will give you a quick laugh to begin with. 

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The brand is too particular about eco-friendliness and targets eco-conscious customers mostly. 

All of their products communicate this message. This is something that sets it apart from the rest of its competitors. The look and feel of the website is funky and kind of funny as well. 

Home Depot

Like the name suggests, Home Depot is a one-stop solution to all your home needs. The most attractive part of this brand is that you have all the leverage to view the products via the home or ProjectWise room – just like you would when presenting physically.

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Also, it rolls out bumper mega-discounts and promos on special events such as Christmas, Independence Day, and Mother’s Day. Further, it prides itself heavily on the fast, free delivery feature that brings in more traffic. 

Bohemian Traders

Not a fan of bold, bright colors? That’s alright; you have Bohemian Traders. True to its name, the brand correctly incorporates the bohemian touch in all of its products. The muted colors say out loud that fashion is within you. 

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On top of that, you can easily navigate between accessories, promotions, clothing, and occasions. Stay in style and let the prints take care of the attention you get. Browse the website today and catch hold of some exciting fun. 

Simply Gum 

The functionality of the brand takes after the simple name. The addition of the adverb ‘simply’ denotes that the gums have no additional preservatives or additives. And that makes it way healthier than the rest of its counter partners. 

The minimalistic use of text and simplicity is extremely eye-catching as a design.

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Also, the copy of the ads they use is quirky and mellow spirited. They let you know that their products will have no adverse effects on your health and are 100 percent natural. 

That is a Wrap

The reason behind the websites mentioned above is that they deliver excellence and are appealing enough to do so. They are constantly on the lookout to bring out something new for the customers, which keeps them engrossed and entertained.

And to keep a user entertained, a well-crafted design does more than 50 percent of the work. As the number of visitors on your website increases, so does the risk of cybercrime too. But it would help if you assured them that they are on the right page. Incorporate a wildcard SSL certificate and then be stress-free. It will serve the ultimate purpose of shopping their heart out. 

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