Best Dating Profile Images for Chat: Tips and Advice

When we meet in real life, we look at the eyes, smile, behavior, tone of voice, and so on. But there is no way to immediately assess a person’s behavior and many other things on a dating site. Therefore, the photo is the first and most important part of the profile. A user looks at the photo, visits the profile, reads it, and only then decides whether to write to you. So, photos are 95% of success on a dating site. But what photos to upload? 

  1. Upload your real photo 

So, first of all, the picture on the profile page must belong to the owner of the profile. And the newer the photo is, the better. Using pictures of famous actors or singers speaks of an extreme degree of self-doubt and dramatically reduces the chances of success. Upload a personal photo even if you are not confident in your attractiveness. Thus, it will be possible to loudly declare, “I am who I am!” and it will work better than fake images. 

  1. Choose a good background 

You can consider using the details in the photo to attract potential life mates. For example, it may be your bike, and there may be women who are fond of cycling, and you will strike up a conversation about this topic. Also, your shot against an exotic backdrop may inspire someone to ask you about your adventures. This is how you can have a sweety date chat with a woman. 

3.   Poor-quality photos 

The third rule: any photograph where it is not possible to properly see a person is not good. The reasons can be different – the picture is out of focus, the resolution is too low, or the size is very small. But in any case, try to avoid low-quality photographs that will negate all your efforts to find a life partner. If there are no high-quality images on your smartphone, you should turn to a professional photographer’s services and take some pictures in the studio. 

  1. No other people on the photo 

Don’t upload photos with friends, animals, relatives, and so on. Your account is a calling card. Don’t upload pictures with other people, and don’t write “I am on the left in a red hat” below. A woman may think that you are not serious and didn’t even find an extra half hour to take a good photo. 

  1. Don’t upload selfies 

Selfies are fine for your Facebook or Instagram pages, but this is not the best option for a profile on a dating site. If you take all your photos in front of the bathroom mirror, then women may think that you live a boring life and don’t go out. If there is no one to photograph you, then set a timer on your smartphone camera, take a few pictures, and choose the best one. 

  1. Don’t post photos in sunglasses 

Photos in which the eyes are not visible are also not the best option. The eyes can tell a lot. What can you say about a person if the half of the face is hidden behind dark glasses? Women are for openness and an expressive look! 

  1. Don’t take pictures with alcohol, cigarettes, cars 

Photos with beer, cigarettes, an expensive car, a luxury cottage, or with expensive decorations in the background don’t evoke positive emotions from women. For example, a photo with an expensive car or against the background of a big cottage will attract the attention of those girls who need only your money. And photos with alcohol and cigarettes don’t show the best men’s habits. If a serious relationship is your goal, then save these pictures in your archives.  

  1. No photos with animals  

Yes, many of us love cats or cute dogs, but even if you have the sweetest pet at home, you shouldn’t show it in the photo. What if the woman of your dreams hates dogs because she was bitten as a child? Or what if she is allergic to cats? It is better not to risk. 

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