7 Beautiful Blooms for Your Bae


Flowers are a way of spreading happiness and positivity. A mere thought of flowers can have positive effects on our brain. Flowers also constitute a significant share of the gifts exchanged across the world. This is because of their easy availability and worldwide acceptance. Flowers can be exchanged on any occasion. It is February already, and you must be planning various gifts for the coming days ahead. If you are looking forward to Send Flowers to Gurgaon as your bae and initiating your valentine’s celebration, you shall consider thinking beyond roses. Have a glance at some of these romantic blooms and select a flower to make your bae smile. 


The delightful blooms of Tulips are a popular choice during the valentine’s season. These affordable blossoms can flourish in water as well and last for a longer duration as compared to other flowers. These long-lasting blooms can be offered to symbolize your deep routed love for your beloved. These spring blossoms grow in more than one color and have 150 different species. These flowers indicate a deep rooted passion for a partner and can be offered to apologize for a mistake as well. 


Red, pink, white or orange lilies symbolize elegance in every shade. Each shade of the flower holds a different meaning. The most common association of this flower is done with fertility and purity. You can offer a single lily or a single shade of lily to your partner. Choose a white bloom for commitment, while pink can be offered for admiring your beloved. The one in red symbolizes passion and the yellow ones say thank you. Merge them together in a LILIES FLOWER BOUQUET and shower some love on your partner. 


You can choose the playful ruffly blossoms of carnations to be offered to your partner. These flowers are associated with fascination and are perfect to be offered during the founding stages of the relationship. Carnations are the birth flower for the ones who were born in January. They come in different shades and last really long. A red carnation is perfect for telling your partner that you are madly in love with them. 


It is believed that sunflowers can bring joy to the person who receives them. This big, bright yellow flower is also called the happy flower because of its association with the sun and positivity. You can offer sunflower to your beloved to thank them for being a loyal partner. Sunflowers can also be given to assure your partner that they can trust you. They are also considered to be the harbinger of good luck and are a symbol of eternity. 


Daisies are known for their innocence. They mark the beginning of the day and are also called Day’s Eyes. Their soft and eye-catching petals are a symbol of devotion. Daisies are the humblest flowers and are found in abundance. They grow on every part of the Earth, excluding Antarctica. Daisies bloom in a variety of colors such as crimson, orange, red, white and purple as well. White daisies are the standard pick for gifts. 


You can never miss the roses when thinking about Valentine’s Day. Roses are an obvious pick for a valentine’s celebration. You can ORDER RED ROSES ONLINE and send them to your beloved. Known for their unending beauty and alluring fragrance, roses are beautiful in every shade, but on Valentine’s day, you shall choose the classic dark crimson red-colored bloom along with a long stem. You can offer a pink rose to express your gratitude towards your partner. Yellow roses are indicative of friendship and white ones symbolize eternal loyalty. 


If you want to tell your that they are a perfect match for you and that you wish for them to be a part of your life for the years ahead, choose a white chrysanthemum. These flowers bloom in different shades. A white flower indicates devoted love while yellow denotes sorrow. The common symbolism of chrysanthemums is that of fidelity, eternity, and optimism. 

Choose a special flower for your partner and express your gratitude towards them.

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