How to Check the Balance of AT&T Rewards Card

AT&T is an American based multination holding company. AT&T specializes in providing telephone services. It is the largest telecommunication company in the world. It is also the largest provider of fixed phones in United States. AT&T provides broadband subscriptions, mobile telephones, fixed phones and DirecTV satellite televisions services.

AT&T takes the care of their customers very sincerely. There are many programs that are offered that allows their customers to save money or get better packages. One of these programs is of AT&T reward cards.

Now you might think, what are these reward cards? Well its simple, AT&T customers can earn money by paying using Visa prepaid reward card. This money or rewards are loaded in to the customers reward card. They can later use this card or cash however they like.

You can keep track of your at&t reward card balance by checking our AT&T reward center. Go to the link below and get to know you reward balance online by following this link. Your reward card number is also your PIN to activate your card or to check balance. You can check out the steps below.

How to Activate Your AT&T Reward Card?

  • You can activate it in few simple steps. Start by clicking on the link.
  • Now enter in the first four digits of your reward card number.

How to Check AT&T Reward Card Balance?

  • You can check your balance using the same link as above. Click on it Link.
  • Enter your first four digits of your reward card and you can view your balance.

How to Claim Your AT&T Reward?

Within few weeks of getting a reward, you will receive a billing statement in your mail. That statement will contain your  at&t reward card balance amount and the deadline up to which you can claim it. This statement also contains your account number, zip code and your claim number. You can claim your reward using these.

  • Go to the link.
  • Enter your claim number and press go.
  • Or enter your account number and zip code mentioned at the top right corner of the statement you received.
  • A new page will open that will notify you the amount of reward that you can claim. Press on claim.
  • You will need to keep track of your reward so check on the relative box that appears. Agree to terms and conditions and press continue.
  • Provide the information required to keep track of your rewards such as email and phone number.
  • Now on the confirmation screen print your recite or save it on your device.
  • You can receive your reward within 3 weeks.

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