AT&T Wireless Rebate Visa Gift Card as a Most Amazing Deal of 2018

Also AT&T wireless rebates come in visa debt gift cards. Unlike rebates that come in cash, you receive gift cards as rebates of $50 or $100. AT&T is an American multinational telecommunication company. It is also the largest telecommunication company in the world and the biggest provider of fixed phones, mobile phones, DirecTV satellite television and broad band subscription television in United States.

AT&T also offers rebates for its customers. Like all rebates it takes a little time for you to receive your rebate. Normally more than 3 weeks.

When you purchase a fixed or mobile phones from AT&T, you also get to apply for rebate. This rebate is generally in a form of visa debt gift card. The paper work for applying for the rebate is delivered when you make a purchase of the AT&T phone. You have to fill out the form, attach the recite and few more details that are available on the package you received. Submit the form and wait for your fruit.

These gift cards that comes as rebated are of $50 or $100. You can use these cards on any store that accepts visa cards.

AT&T Wireless Rebate Visa Gift Card Issues

But the problem is not there. The thing is that you can’t use the gift cards entire amount. You can make purchases of lower that are less than the actual value of the card but for some reason the owner of the card cannot make use the full amount.

If you plan to use one rebate multiple times then you should know about this. When you use the card for the first time, the company puts a hold on your card that lasts for few business days. And the amount you pay in your purchases plus twenty percent of that amount is charged on the card.

If you are planning to use or acquire AT&T wireless rebate then keep these aspects in mind.

AT&T Contact Service

If you have any issues with your rebate card then you can call customer service for complains.

Customer service AT&T (Eastern states): 877-707-622

Customer service AT&T (Western states): 800-498-1912

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