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According to a survey conducted,the largest population of India already has access to the internet. While mostpeople might not have an internet connection in their homes, they are connectedto the inter web through their phones. Almost all Government processes are nowtaken to the internet to allow people to go through them at ease, instead ofspending a long time at the office. These changes also encourage a lot ofyounger people to go through the process when they would have sat it outotherwise.

From all Government processes, thepassport had to be the most tedious. Other than filling out the forms andsubmitting all the certification and documentation, there is an unnecessarylayer of checks. The documents, although approved by the Government when theywere dispatched, were re-verified, by the police who would visit the homeaddress for another check. Additionally, the applicant had to receive a policeclarification to state that they could get their passport. All of these stepswere after multiple trips to the office to submit all the forms and documents.There was another trip to be handled for the biometric information to becollected and submitted.

How did the online process work?

People had to log on to the passport application website and create an account for themselves. They could use this account for all their interactions with the office moving forward. All their application forms would be available when they logged into their accounts. They can fill them out and upload their supporting documents as well. This system allows people to have all their information in one place.

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Other than using the website toapply for a new passport, it can be used to renew passports, used in the past.Passports have validity depending on the time they were created. They have tobe renewed to make sure the applicant can still travel from one place toanother. The process of applying for the renewal of their passport is not difficultand can be handled online, as long as the right forms are filled. Applicantshave to make sure that they post their passport back to the passport officesince they would have to make the change to it.

The most annoying issue is whenpeople receive their passports, and there are errors on them, but the correctinformation was submitted on the forms. There is a process for making thesechanges and that too can be time-consuming, so it can currently be coordinatedonline with only going to the office to drop off the passport and collect thenew one after the changes have been made.

The most significant part of theonline process is that people are allowed to make changes to their passportswithout having to leave their homes, which is a big deal considering theCoronavirus pandemic. It is faster, more efficient and allows people to gothrough the process at their convenience.

Registering for a birthcertificate should be enforced to a greater degree.

While most assumethat registering for a birth certificate is the only use of the birthcertificate registration website, the website can handle a lot more than that.Applicants are allowed to use the website for any information relating to birthcertificates. Furthermore, if there are issues with the birth certificate, likespelling errors, typos or incorrect information, the website assists theapplicants with the process of making changes to the document. If they tried tohandle this physically, it would take a lot of time, including multiple visitsto the birth certificate office. Furthermore, gathering and providing the rightdocumentation can also be challenging when most people are not even about it.

Registering for abirth certificate is the right of every Indian citizen. There are no exceptionsto this rule. While the rules state that people have to register births within21 days after the event, in cases where they have not registered, people areallowed to take longer to complete it, but would have to provide additionaldocumentation and might have to pay a higher fee.

  • Whileeveryone can register for a birth certificate, most would need the assistanceof an adult to get it done. Here are some of the scenarios where this playsout.
  • Ifthe birth takes place in a house, the head of the house, the nearest relativeof the head of the house, or oldest person in the family can register thebirth.
  • Whenthe birth takes place in a Hospital, Sub-Divisional Hospital, Medical CollegeHospital, or Referral Hospital, the Deputy Superintendent of the hospitals,officers-in-charge of a referral hospital, and PHCs are responsible for theregistration of the birth.
  • Medicalofficer In-charge of institutions like Maternity Homes are responsible for theregistration.
  • Thejail in charge is responsible for the registration in prison.
  • Inmost other places, the person in charge of the establishment or institutionshould be responsible for registering the birth, but people who are notdirectly connected to the situation as well can register the birth.

Even with all theserules in place, one in four children under the ages of five years is notregistered for a birth certificate. These statistics are not ideal since thebirth certificate is their first proper source of identification until they areolder, and can be used to apply for other Government documents.

While there are many benefits of applying for a birth certificate, it is also a significant part of the puzzle when it comes to the Government keeping track of the births and deaths in the country.

Some of the other benefits of registering for abirth certificate include:

  • Foradmission to schools
  • Asproof of age for employment
  • Forproof of age at marriage.
  • Toestablish parentage.
  • Toestablish an age for enrollment in Electoral Rolls.
  • Toestablish an age for insurance purposes.
  • Toregister in the National Population Register (NPR).

Senior Citizen Card – Complete Procedure to get It

In India, all senior citizens have the chance to avail somebenefits. With this, they get some ease in income and convenience for otherpurposes. Several facilities are often availed with this card. Also, thepopulation of elderly people is increasing in our country. this is often happeningthanks to the improving health, longevity, improvement of other facilities, andfar more.

Senior citizens in India have some advantages to scale back theirfinancial burdens, help them in some ways. aside from enjoying with relationsin adulthood, they will enjoy other things also.  Below, during this article, we’ll explain theways to use for a oldster card along side the advantages of getting it.

Some Benefits of getting a oldster Card

1. less costly Air Fair

With Indian Citizenship, senior citizens can avail discounts onaviation tickets. for instance, if an individual is quite 63 years old, AirIndia provides about 50% discounts on the particular ticket price for domestictravels.

2. Various Tax Benefits

For senior citizens of India, during retirement, there’srelaxation within the tax laws. If a person’s age is 60 or more, the taxDepartment considers that person to be a oldster. Also, they consider peopleaged quite 80 as super senior citizens.

3. Less Telephone Charge

Senior citizens get subsidies over telephone bills also. BSNLcustomers can apply for registration. Also, their registration charges arewaived off. Similarly, MTNL provider up to 25% discount to senior citizens. youwould like a oldster card for your proof.

4. Banking Benefits

Several banks in India have introduced their special programscatered towards senior citizens through special accounts, discounts, investmentbenefits, and more. Bank branches typically have separate queues for seniorcitizens for your convenience. Many offer special accounts for old persons withfacilities like issuance of oldster cards, priority service, better interestrates, and more.

5. Other Welfare Benefits

Across all sectors, various welfare schemes are unrolled forsenior citizens in India. Hospitals typically have separate queues and countersfor the elderly to assist with registration and clinical examination.

Step by Step Process to urge SCC

Required Documents for application

Documents that you simply got to submit during the applianceprocedure:

• A filled form.

• A current full-face photo without wearing any cap (almost 38 x50mm in size with the name on back).

• HK Smart ID Card [If you apply by mail, please submit areproduction of your HK Smart ID Card].

Steps to Follow

1. Click on the Login button or create a fresh account.

2. Now, login to your account, and a window will appear.

3. then, find the revenue department and click on on thereon thenclick on the oldster certificate button.

4. Enter all the most points like name of husband, district name, etc.Then, you’ll receive a form in another window.

5. Click on the Submit button within the end.

6. Now, a replacement window will ask you to upload a passportsize photo.

7. Please upload all the required documents.

8. it’ll invite the payment. Choose the payment method as per theneed and submit the payment details.

9. Now, you’ll easily download a soft copy of your oldstercertificate.

10. That’s it. By following the above steps, senior citizens caneasily get this card online.

For SeniorCitizen Card Form Please ClickHere.

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