Advice for First-Time Tenants of Commercial Property in Dubai

The Challenge element in Entrepreneurship still survives. Its Reasons are many. The following lists a few reasons.

  1. Keeping the entrepreneur pre-occupied with the project
  2. Always demanding smooth sailing:
    1. In every moment
    1. In every phase
  3. Always requiring flourishing of the business, and so on

One challenge still survives in Dubai. It is finding the right business site. It is a key factor. Business flourishing rests on it. The Expo 2020 is at hand. Many start-ups aim at profiting from it. Expo 2020 is stoking the demand. There is another aspect. Start-ups prefer renting business spaces. They stick to it temporarily. Simply, they find renting preferable in early years. It is logical too. They can buy once they are established. Expo 2020 too is airing renting demands. Simply, renting and renting sensibly is more advantageous for entrepreneurs than buying business spaces. This advantage-taking requires sagacious advice. Following suggestions presents our list of renting commercial properties in Dubai.

Pinpoint the Ideal Commercial Property to Rent to Serve Your Business Objectives

Renting offices spaces in Dubai requires considering many caveats. One concern is knowing the right license. Dubai government conditions doing business with licenses. There is no exception. It is a Dubai government issued license that advises suitable areas for a given moneymaking activity. There is an example. It is a company holding the Tecom Free Zone license. The license requires it to arrange business space only there.

After this, there is another challenge. The entrepreneur needs evaluating office location link with the progress of the business. Take an example of a showroom serving walk-in customers. Both area and location must provide easy access. It is necessary for the targeted market.  It is one precondition. It should facilitate a good number of customers. Take another example of A business needing a multitude of the workforce. It must ensure:

  1. Adequate parking
  2. Easy accessibility
  3. Sufficient space
  4. Adequate rest areas, etc.

Simply, a thorough research assures fruition. The research quality influences success. It is the right proportion connection. publishes a report. It revolves around business places in Dubai. It awards a leading place to Business Bay. The reason is simple. Business Bay tops in office renting areas.

Always seek professional advice to rent commercial space. It always pays in Dubai.

Deciding to rent a workspace necessitates hiring services of a real estate broker. Documenting needs plentiful legalese. The legalese amount increases regarding:

  1. F & B industry
  2. Business relating to the healthcare

The advice of agent serves sufficiently.

  1. It saves effort in:
    1. Time
    1. Money
  2. The agent gives good suggestions.
  3. They are professional. A layman property dealer doesn’t match a professional agent. No jack in all trades can match an expert. Even if one is a master in one business.    
  4. Consultancy includes hindsight and foresight.   
  5. Estate consultants know market trends. They know the market. They know the real price. They can secure good deals. Negotiation is their one forte. They feel the market pulse.

It is apt to make a list. There should be relevant questions. Questions relevant to:

  1. Workspace
  2. Its renting
  3. Number of checks
  4. Accessibility through public transport
  5. Permissions
  6. And likewise

With this list, seeing an agent brings better fruition.

Put Paperwork in an Apple-Pie Order

Ejari regulates all property transactions. These include renting matters. Therefore, it becomes important to mention:

  1. All terms
  2. All conditions

in the contract. It ensures smooth sailing. It stops disputes from emerging. One example can portray it better. It is about a business needing modifications in the rented property. There are several types. Installing cubicles is one fine example. The agreement should:

  1. List
  2. Describe
  3. Delineate

all intended modifications. The contract should include:

  1. All business information. It should include:
    1. Nature of business
    1. Scope of business
    1. Purpose of commercial property or properties. It should be clear. There is one fine example. A company can neither share its warehouse nor its office. Warehouses cannot be enlarged at will. These cannot shrink either.
  2. This writing should demonstrate a legal approach.

Go for complete documentation. Necessary documents are:

  1. Proof of ownership
  2. Status of the premises
  3. Premises conforming to valid plans
  4. Permits available to use that workspace

It serves the tenants’ cause.

The Budget Factor

It is a basic factor. A businessperson can never belittle it. Calculate your budget wisely. Wrong estimates can create hurdles. Calculating the budget must entail:

  1. The deposit amount
  2. Any hidden cost. These can emerge during finalizing.
  3. Watch out financial caveats
  4. Look for unexpected costs. RERA Index helps here.
  5. List and assess rent increase
  6. Stay prepared for pitfalls

Ignoring these cautions can invite rewriting the tenancy contract. It can be a complete rewriting.  

Make The Right Arrangements After Signing The Contract

There is a follow up list of contract signing. Contract here means the agreement of renting commercial space(s). Take the example of utility connections. These are electricity and water connections. Seeing DEWA is relevant here. It needs property insurance. All content requires insurance. These save from damages. Otherwise, business continuity can suffer. Moving requires finished interior. Some properties may be empty. Empty here means without suitable interior. This situation needs an interior decorator. Do calculate these exenses in advance. It will save the business from jerks. Thorough calculations will pave the ground for smooth sailing.

It isn’t easy to run a business. However, some steps can ease it. There is one example. It is finding the right workplace. This choice can jumpstart the firm. Success chances also rise. Do pay heed to the aforesaid. These factors are crucial. Commercial leasing can stir more questions. In this case, do write to us. The comments section below allows questioning. We take pleasure in providing answers.

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