Advantages of Gaming with a 3D Mousepad

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In case you spend a lot of time on a computer or primarily game on a PC, you’re probably well aware of how proper a good mousepad is. Though many mice can glide smoothly across your desktop surface without the aid of a 3D mousepad, there are so many great reasons to acquire one that you should consider it. But not just any mousepad, but a bigger one. At Oppaimousepad, we provide a large selection of mousepads, both large and tiny, to accommodate any gaming or productivity style.

But why would you want a giant mousepad? If you’re thinking about it but need a compelling reason to go ahead with it, this blog has all the information you need. Then you can consider making that purchase you’ve been thinking.

Why should you use a giant oppai mousepad when gaming?

Support for various mouse grips

Everyone who utilizes a mouse does it differently. Larger mousepads are always an excellent suggestion for people who prefer the palm grip over the claw or fingertip options. A giant mousepad is especially beneficial for those who utilize the palm grip method, as you’ll be moving the mouse over the entire desktop space, essentially using your arm to manipulate it. Extra space on your workplace for your arm is better than having it cramped up behind you, and you have plenty of room to adjust without sliding the mouse off the edge of the mousepad.

The entire deck is covered.

Desks can be quite costly. If you have a favorite or want to keep the surface as clean as possible, you can place a giant mousepad on the desk. Our largest sizes can span the length of a desktop, and you can have mouse power wherever you select to remember your peripherals. That means you can place your monitor and other equipment anywhere you want while still having lots of space, which is terrific news for streamers or gamers who have a lot of stuff on their desk. You’re also avoiding those nasty scratches.

increased sensitivity

You may prefer to play at a lower or higher DPI, depending on the DPI of your mouse. When you play at a lower Resolution, your mouse will have to go further across your desk. Consider the video game Call of Duty. A lower Resolution is essential for success in shooters and twitch-based games like these, so be aware of what yours is set to so you have complete control over what you’re doing in-game. The more room you have for your mouse to move, the better your performance will be. The same may be said of a higher Resolution for games such as MOBAs, RTSs, etc.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Oppaimousepad, a larger 3D mousepad, most of which are linked to comfort and performance. It’s a personal choice, but Oppaimousepads additional spaced mousepads are your best chance.

So, contact us now to order your favorite 3D mousepad from Oppaimousepad! At Oppaimousepad, we go to extremes to help and satisfy our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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