How to Access a Free Yahoo Account with Outlook Express

Yahoo mail is one of the global mail services that are known for speedy mail delivery and lots of mail storage space. If you are a regular Outlook express user, you can have your yahoo mails in your outlook express too. You have to do this function via POP.

Give following a read to understand how you can get yahoo mails on your Outlook express.

Access a Cost of Free Yahoo Outlook Mail Account  Outlook Express via YPOP

  • Install YPOPs on your browser
  • When it starts running, launch Outlook Express
  • Choose Tools/ Accounts from the outlook express menu.
  • Hit Add and choose Mail option
  • List your name in the given space and click next
  • Mention your Yahoo mail address and hit next
  • Select POP3 Under my incoming mail server.
  • Type/select localhost under my server
  • In case localhost does not work try 0.0.1
  • Mention localhost under the outgoing server
  • If localhost does not work here too, type 0.0.1.
  • Tap next and list your yahoo mail user name in the provided space.
  • List your yahoo password too.
  • Click next and then finish the process.
  • Mark Localhost and then click properties.
  • Tap Yahoo mail under My Account and close.

Note: Click System tray on the YPOP and make some changes that suit you. Ignore Messages in the Bulk mail and keep you a copy of outgoing mail in your yahoo account and tell your yahoo not to mark your mails read.

Use Izymail to access yahoo on your outlook express for free

  • First of all, register your yahoo account with Izy mail.
  • Choose tools/account from the outlook express menu.
  • List your name and click next
  • Provide your yahoo mail information
  • Click next and on the next page click IMAP under my Incoming Mail Server.
  • Type below the incoming mail server.
  • Mention under outgoing mail server.
  • Click next and List your complete yahoo address.
  • Provide your yahoo mail passcode
  • Click next and then hit finish.
  • In the Internet Accounts Dialogue,
  • Hit properties and move to the server tab.
  • Double check the box saying My server requires authentication.
  • Move to the IMAP tab and check the store special folder.
  • Under sent item path, click
  • Under the drafts path type, _Draft
  • Click OK and Then Close
  • On the box “download the list of yahoo mail folders to outlook express” click yes.
  • Click Ok and you are done.

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