About the Google Ads Certification

The world is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day and to cope up with this competition, an individual has to make great efforts. There are different certifications available for the candidates to acquire. Let be any course of any field, valid certification for each and every one of them is present. The certification is of great help to the individuals as it validates their talent along with providing them a good opportunity to prove themselves. Having a certificate from a reputed organization gives great benefits to the certified individual. One can attach the certificate with the resume to increase the value of the same. It also helps to create a good impression on the interviewer. The certificate shows how dedicated a particular individual is towards his/her work.

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Google has introduced an Ads certification facility for interested individuals. The individuals who successfully demonstrate their proficiency in both the basic and advanced characteristics of the Google Ads get this professional accreditation offered by Google. The certification helps the individuals to recognize their capabilities as an online advertising expert. Google recognizes their abilities and opens up an array of opportunities for individuals. Google has its online training program by the name of Skillshop where the aspiring individual can earn the certification. The candidates require having a Skillshop account to access the Google Ads test and earn the certification. The certification broadens the scope for an individual to challenge his/her own potential in the evergreen digital world. 

The certification provides great benefits to the individuals who gain it. The main two benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Demonstrating one’s expertise – The certification provides an upper hand to the individuals while showcasing their talent. It helps them to demonstrate their true potential in front of the world. It clearly magnifies the expertise of the person and increases his/her chance of earning great respect. The Google Ads certification shows the current as well as the prospective clients that the individual is a certified professional who has genuinely earned the certificate with his/her own merit. 
  2. Help your company in earning the Google badge –Google gives the opportunity to get the Google Partner badge and Premier Google Partner badge to many companies. The major criterion for earning these badges is that the companies should have at least one of their member as a Google Ads certified professional. There are also other criteria necessary for getting the badge but this certification plays a great role in that. By earning the certification, a person not only gets benefits for their own self but also helps the company to earn the Google badge. 

The Google Ads certification has a simple working process. The interested individual should have the Skillshop account and then he/she can access the assessments and other learning paths essential for studying for the assessment. There are different product area assessments present in the same Skillshop and an individual is free to choose the Ads product that he/she is interested in. the variety of certification available for the individuals to acquire are:

  1. Google Ads Search – The certification helps the individual invalidating his/her expertise in designing and optimizing the search campaigns formed by Google. The certified users can leverage the facility of automated solutions to enhance the campaign performance in order to make it specific for the particular marketing objective. 
  2. Google Ads Display – The certification shows the potential of an individual to deliver more audience to make the most of the display advertisement. Certified individuals get a good chance to show their ability to develop an effective display strategy. They also make the most out of the campaigns to achieve strategic marketing goals. 
  3. Google Ads Video –This Google certification helps in getting effective and efficient results from different video platforms like YouTube and Google Video to get the best advertising solution. The professionals make sure to show their talent for understanding the method of telling effective stories on YouTube so that these stories reach a large number of potential customers. This results in increasing the overall increase in the purchase journey on a great scale. 
  4. Shopping Ads – The Google Ads certification validates the proficiency of an individual in using and maintaining the shopping ads. Certified professionals have the necessary skill set to design and optimize the various shopping campaigns to reach a wholesome number of potential audiences. 

The certification course is available in many international languages. Google requires a mark of 80% or more to declare the individual as a certified professional. The assessment is of 75 minutes and retake is possible one day later. The timer starts at the commencement of the4 exam and the browser closes once the time is over. The certification needs renewal after every one year to stay certified in a particular product area. Google provides a great option for the various individuals to show their [potential and acquire the certification that can be of great benefit to them. 

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