A Tourist’s Guide for Vacationing in Indonesia

Indonesia is a republic notable for its splendid vacation spots and, to be more specific, its volcanic mountains, coral reefs, the famous rice paddies, and its extensive coastline. When you travel to Indonesia, your first stop will most likely be Jakarta; the capital city.

While you are there, you will most likely book a boutique Jakarta luxury hotel. Jakarta is often seen as a stopover on your way to more renowned tourist destinations in Indonesia, such as Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island, among others.

However, Jakarta is not just a sky-scraper haven; it has so much more to offer. You can learn about the local Indonesian culture at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, see colonial artefacts in Kota Tua and maybe get a glance of the executive palace, Istana Merdeka.

It is vital to note that as you relish your stay in Indonesia, there are some key things that you have to consider. This article will look at the health and safety guidelines, Tourist Visa requirements, and some other tips to make your stay in Indonesia worthwhile.

The Health & Safety Rules to Follow When Vacationing in Indonesia Include:


The most common health issues among tourists in Indonesia are stomach aches due to contaminated water. Toxins in food can prompt dehydration, diarrhea, or Hepatitis. You should only dunk purified water. 

Fungal infections are also quite rampant. Ensure your bathe and dry your skin properly, and the clothes you put on should be baggy. Likewise, observe malarial zones, although this is not rampant since most of Indonesia’s destinations are near the ocean. 

Consult a medical expert about the vaccines you should take prior to traveling to Indonesia. Also, while on your vacation, if you don’t feel okay, it is wise to consult medical specialists on the issue.


Visiting any unfamiliar place always comes with its dangers. However, Indonesia is a reasonably safe space for all vacationers. If any safety issue arises, it’s always good to be calm and keep a level head so that you can make a premeditated decision. 

A majority of Indonesia’s holiday destinations have not experienced security issues for quite a while now, so visitors who book hotels in these areas should be safe. 

What Are the Tourist Visa Regulations?

A few changes were made to the Indonesia visa guidelines in Feb 2004. Ensure you review the guidelines often as they are inclined to change. You should likewise have a passport for at least six months prior to traveling to Indonesia. 

There are some countries whose occupants qualify for a 30-day visa, for instance, Morocco, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam. There is a seven or thirty-day Visa for other countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, UAE, and Argentina.

This Visa is accessible at all global air terminals and borders. If your country doesn’t fall under the above classes or want to stay past thirty days, you need to get a Visa abroad. For Israeli and Portuguese nationals, there are certain requirements needed.

Some Beneficial Tips for Tourists Vacationing in Indonesia Include:

How to Communicate

Most vacationers will utilize wi-fi calls while in Indonesia. Nonetheless, an external link could be a problem; for this reason, there are many cyber cafes in the city and holiday destinations. Also, note the connection speeds in some areas are pretty frustrating.

The nation code of Indonesia is +62. There is a state-owned telecom company called Kantor Telkom, and it has branches in most urban centers in Indonesia. These branches are the least expensive places to make international calls since roaming your line is costly.

Adventure & Activities

Vacationers visiting Indonesia will get various opportunities to Indulge themselves locally. There are likewise many public parks and many other spots to make your vacay worthwhile.

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