The Dress Code: A Guide for Wearing Your Corporate Attire Flawlessly

Wearing the right corporate attire is an essential element for you as an employee. You don’t go to a blue-collar office job suited up with a shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. Aside from being repulsive, it is also unprofessional. People will look at you with disdain if you’re going to force it. Even your bosses will think twice about letting you on the premises.

You represent a respectable company which you are working for, that’s why you need to wear proper corporate attire. Wearing the right attire establishes a professional image that makes your clients and customers trust you. Be a mirror of a trustworthy and educated business professional for the client who needs guidance, information, and competent services.

Man up! Appropriate Corporate Attire for Men

  •  Fine Jewelry

You should have at most one ring on each hand paired with a classy watch. Of course, wearing a certain kind of watch speaks volumes about you. If you’re up in the ranks or climbing it well, then wear a Hugo Boss watch. A watch can tell a lot about you, such as your position, profession, and even your personality. Wearing such an exquisite piece will not only tell people you’re a hard worker, but it’ll also inform them of your power within the workplace.

It is not advisable to wear necklaces. If you wear one, tuck it under your shirt to avoid unwarranted attention.  Again, it’s not wrong to wear jewelry. Just don’t make it look that you’re over the top of everyone else by flaunting everything. 

  • Suit Them Up

Wear suits in shades of black, gray, dark blue, and brown. Don’t wear suits that have too bright colors. It makes a loud visual statement that has nothing to do with you working in an office. Of course, you need to stand out among the rest but keep in mind that it’s your specialty that your client will need, not your fashion statement.

  • Ties, and More Ties

A good tie takes your everyday look to a whole new level. It adds some personality to your look, and it emphasizes you as a professional. The evolution of ties has taken powerful statements around the corporate world.

However, do not forget to choose the right necktie for your shirt. Ties are good if it’s made of silk. You can use neckties with color and print that has a charming look when seen against the suit and shirt.

  • Shirts

Like a lot of stuff in the world, workplaces are also changing how they do business. Sometimes, a company may allow their employees to wear casual on certain days. If you’re wearing a shirt on such days, make sure you’re wearing a shirt with simple designs. 

Avoid wearing statement shirts, graphic tees, or any shirts with offensive messages. Remember, you’re in a workplace where you meet professionals who work hard. Don’t spice up things and get everyone annoyed with a shirt that says something about your manliness.

  • Socks

Pick a color that coordinates with the color of your necktie. We pay too little attention to this piece of clothing, and yet it plays a huge part in comforting us. It protects our feet from scrape and absorbs our perspiration. Socks are a small accessory that can either pull your outfit up or drag your whole look down. Wear knee-length socks not to expose your bare leg when sitting down.

  • Shoes and Footwear

To complete your overall look, wear shoes that are formal, elegant, and dashing. Sneakers are a big no when you’re working in the business world. Oxfords, derby, loafers, monk straps, dress boots, wingtips, and formal pumps are an excellent choice of a pair of shoes that accomplish your proper corporate attire. A good pair adds a massive amount of style and class to your whole look.

  • Genuine Belts

Sometimes belts are used to make a style statement. Aside from keeping your pants up, belts also create a distinct division between your top and your lower half. For a more professional look, belts that come in brown or black are good to wear. Avoid mismatching the color of your belt with your attire as it mostly creates unwarranted attention in that specific area.

My Lady! Women’s Corporate Attire

  • Suit to Pursuit

Wear skirt suits that are black, gray, dark blue, and brown. Keep in mind that you are meeting with clients and investors to be in proper attire. Also, avoid suits with vibrant colors. Dress like a grown-up woman.

  • Blouses Say

Blouses with a simple collar would be great with a suit. White or neutral colors are most preferred instead of dark colors. Avoid wearing sleeveless just in case you take off your blazer. Your blouse should fit you well. It should not be too tight not to ruin your look for the day.

  • Skirts and Pants

Never try to pair your look with jeans. Wear either pants, suits or dresses. Skirts should not go higher than two inches above the knee. Miniskirts and long skirts are a big no as well. If you prefer wearing pants, match it with your trousers.

  • Rocking Stockings

Do not forget to wear stockings if you are wearing skirts. Light-colored stockings are the best option; please avoid dark and printed ones.

  • Jewelry

Your large dangling earrings and necklace should not be a part of your corporate attire. Wear small earrings that stand out on their own. You can have at most one ring, bracelet, or watch. Less is more.

  • Shoes to Choose

Wear shoes that cover your toes. You don’t want everyone to see it, right? Avoid using sandals and stilettos with high heels. Choose comfort over fashion.


If you are a part of the corporate world, consider your proper corporate attire that is appropriate for your job and then to your place of work. Don’t take each piece of clothing like it’s nothing. The suit, shirt, socks, belts, and whatnot should be. Avoid overdressing, don’t try so hard to show off your look. Dress appropriately with the right attitude, combined with the proper attire.

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