A Direct To Fabric Printing Machine In Bangkok Offers The Best Quality Results

Direct To Fabric (DTF) printers are used bymost of the commercial printing shops in Bangkok. Its high speed and advancedfeatures make it an essential industrial machine. It can print on any type offabrics like silk, synthetic fibers, and polyester fibers. It also offers alarge number of colors and large image resolution. With such quality, printingresults become excellent and attractive.

Before starting the process of DTF printing,it is important to create the required design using conventional printingmachines. This is because the colorants used for this process are not same asthe ones used for computer printing. They are usually in the form of pigments.You can easily identify them with the help of a color wheel. If you want thefinal result to be really great, then you should not forget to use anultraviolet curing ink.

When you start the printing process, aspecial device called the ink head is used. The object to be printed must bemounted onto the drum. This device is called the bed. Next, the rollers moveover the surface of the drum and roll it onto a canvas or paper.

The fabric on which the ink is to be appliedis fed through the drum at a low pressure. The printer then starts the processof dyeing. This is the time when the ink spreads on the fabric. Usually, theprinting is done on perforated rollers.

There are three types of inks that are usedin DTF printing. The first is aniline printing inks. These are usually producedin cartridge form. The other two types are cold process inks and hot process inks.Cold process ink is usually used in screen printing while hot process ink isused in transfer printing and carbon copying.

The printing equipment is connected to apress where it presses the fabric on the drum. After the drum is full, themachine rolls the fabric out onto a piece of cloth. This cloth is covered witha protective sheet so that the printed images do not get damaged.

The finished printing results are then readyfor delivery to your clients. The only thing left for you to do is to sign and datethe documents and place them in the right box. You can then pack the kit in theappropriate box. You should now have the completed printing items at youroffice. You will then have to send your kit back to the manufacturer so thatthe machine can be fixed.

The cost of a direct to fabric printing machine is slightly more expensive than a regular printer. However, the quality is always better. You will also be able to create professional looking documents in no time at all. There are many companies out there that offer printing services so it is not difficult to find one that offers the kind of service that you need for your direct to fabric printing machine in Bangkok.

Another important factor to consider is thewarranty policy of the company. Most companies will offer a warranty policythat lasts for up to six months after the date of purchase. Make sure that thewarranty period is enough for you to be able to use the machine once youreceive it. If not, it could be better to look for another printer.

Once you have received your new printer,check it thoroughly for any damages or repairs. If there are any issues, theyshould be addressed before they affect your printing process. If you areplanning to use ink cartridges, make sure that they are compatible with themachine. There are many printers that have been released over the years andsome of them cannot accept certain types of ink cartridges.

A direct to fabric printing machine in Bangkok that you can use for home use is able to produce top-notch quality printing results as long as you know how to operate it. You should be able to navigate the settings and find the best printing results for your project. It should also be able to deliver consistent color and image reproduction for a long period of time. With an affordable price, you can expect great results when using a direct to fabric printing machine in Bangkok.

With the growing number of companies that areusing direct to fabric printing machines in Bangkok, the competition betweenthe manufacturers is very stiff. You should make sure that you are getting thebest deal for your printing needs. Even though you may be tempted to choose acheaper machine because it offers a longer warranty period, this could prove tobe a bad idea in the long run. A direct to fabric printing machine in Bangkokis the best choice for printing large quantities of clothing, fabrics and otheritems that need to be produced in large volumes.

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