A Comprehensive Guide on Registering a Company

Guide to Register a Company in India | by SHIVAM PANDEY | Medium

Learning about registering a company is not a simple task, as it needs a lot of research, tax preparation, and paperwork. Fortunately, it’s never been this easy to register a business since you can do most of these processes online. So, what should you do to make sure that your company is acknowledged by the government and won’t get a visit from the bureaucrats or taxman? If you want to know more about this matter, check out this comprehensive guide in terms of company registration:

Know Your Legal Company Name

Keep in mind that the name of your company will define your branding. With the help of a name relevant to your business, many of your potential clients will be able to identify what your brand is supposed to offer. Though choosing a name for your company may be hard, registering a business name is on the next level. 

However, before you finalise your company name, it is vital to know whether another company has already registered it or not, or else you might encounter legal ramifications. Moreover, it’s vital to employ a lawyer to determine whether your business logo doesn’t breach a patent or copyright. 

Submit Necessary Fees and Documents

The fees differ from one area to another, and they greatly depend on what you want to complete, the requirements of the jurisdiction, and the type of business you have. When it comes to the documents, remember that the documents you should give differ on the kind of business you have. Here are some of the most common yet essential information that you will need to provide:

• Registered agent information

• Ownership structure (directors, management, etc.)

• Business name

• Business location

• The number of shares and company’s value (which only applies to corporation businesses)

Look for a Registered Agent

If your business is registered as a non-profit, partnership, or corporation, you will be required to get a registered agent’s services before you can fill in your details. It is a vital part of the process since registered agents take care of issues, deal with legal documents, and receive official papers. Many business owners prefer to hire a registered agent who can concentrate on business-related problems rather than choosing to deal with the overwhelming paperwork themselves. 

Obtain Your Permits and Licenses

As you reach the permitting and licensing step in setting up a company, you can expect to begin feeling some pain in your head from all the paperwork this process requires. Regardless of what business type you may have, you have to get a permit or license. If you are not sure whether you need one, feel free to research for license finders online. 

Know More About Hiring Workers

If you are about to register a company, you should know that it is compulsory to do so if you want to hire workers. Later, it’s important to have a comprehensive contract with your prospective workers that contains and discusses employment duties, responsibilities, rights, and conditions. Doing so is crucial for any registered business. 

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It may take a couple of days or even many weeks for your company registration to finally be approved since the timeline varies from one jurisdiction to another. However, it would be best to keep your cool and do what it takes to prove that your business is ready to face the corporate world. 

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