A complete Guide on how I wrote my online lab report!

A student who studies subjects like biology, physics, psychology, mathematics, etc., it will be of no consequence for them that they don’t know about lab reports. It is because when I was doing my majors in chemistry, it was a compulsory requirement to write my report online. Hence same goes for every single person who wants to complete their degree, they need to write a lab report as it is a requirement of the subject. Also, getting good grades in the lab report is essential. Therefore, we are here to make your life easier as we will give you a detailed guide on how you can write a good lab report that will implement any subject that you have chosen.

Lab reports:

A lab report plays a significant role in laboratory coursework and, ultimately, your grades as it gets counted. The main aim of writing an online lab report is to identify the purpose of your experiment, tell people about the procedures you followed to successfully conduct the experiment, make observations, and devise a conclusion with expected learning and outcomes. A good lab report covers not only the results that were expected and observed, but it actually identifies the reasons why you made these observations and then on what basis you derived a result. A lab report needs to have a particular set of rules that are to be followed in order to make an exemplary report. It doesn’t matter how long your lab report is; it depends on the material you discussed and what type of content you are studying. Each and every part of the lab report requires a certain amount of your time, and you need to give all topics maximum attention. Here is a list of things that you need to follow in order to make a lab report:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Result
  • Discussion & analysis
  • Conclusion
  • References

Title page:

The title page is the first page that will shape up the rest of the image of the lab report. So making a good title page is one of the crucial steps in a lab report. The title page in a lab report covers the title of your experiment, persons who were involved in conducting the experiment, and the date when the experiment was performed. Now the most important thing here is your title. It should be exact, clear, and reflect the idea you want your reader to read. You can also use keywords in the title for making a lab report.  


Abstract means the overall summary of your experiment. It should be in such a way that if a reader only reads the abstract of your report, he or she can get a good idea of what project you are working on. Although it is not a compulsory requirement in a lab report to add an abstract but to make a good lab report abstract will provide a good outlook here. So it should be included. It shouldn’t be long and only cover up to 100-150 words to give a brief summary. The best thing is to write the abstract at the end so everything gets summarised nicely, as you will be done by your experiment then.


The next step is the introduction. An introduction is a base where you need to mention clearly what is the purpose of your experiment. Introduction in the lab report includes the hypothesis, aim, and objectives of the experiment you conducted. Also, the literature review, which means the theories and research that was conducted on the topic before, is discussed in the introduction.


The procedure means the method that you followed while conducting your experiment. It should include a step-by-step process. Adding diagrams and flowcharts would also have a good impact on the reader, and they will understand thoroughly. Diagrams give a visual impact that will shape up your report. It should also include the equipment that was used to conduct the experiment and any necessary precautions that should be in mind if your reader does this experiment for themselves.


The result section of your lab report covers the findings of your experiment. People use tablets and graphs to show the observations made and then the derived result. The thing that should be in mind is to label the tables and graphs, and it should properly link to the references that you will give in the report. If there are any calculations that were done in the experiment, these will also be mentioned in the result section.

Lab report Conclusion:

Then comes the conclusion of your report. In the result section, you will sum up the takeaway message and any outcomes that you derived in your experiment. You should mention the purpose of your experiment and the result you find here, which will answer the main research question. Lastly, if you face any limitations like material unavailability, equipment issue, etc., all these will be discussed here.


The reference style is primarily present in the lab manual, or your instructor tells you who is in charge of conducting the experiment. Here you will add the references by using in-text citations and full citations and tell which researches you looked into while performing the experiment. 


Although adding appendices is not a compulsory requirement, if your report has some detailed calculations, graphs, etc., then you can prepare appendices. But it should have a proper title and a name or letter assigned to it. These appendices should also refer to the portion of the lab report where they are used. 


I hope you got a clear idea on what are the essential things that should be in mind while writing a lab report. Because if you follow the above steps, you will make a perfect lab report that will not only impress your instructor but will also differentiate you from all other lab reports submitted by your fellow members.  

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