9 Reasons Why People Fly Private

Fly Private

Freedom, convenience, privacy, and time flexibility – are some of the main benefits you get to enjoy when you fly on a private plane.

Even though many commercial airlines offer business and luxurious class travelling, the time wastage of checking-in, long security and boarding ques are still there. Because of this reason, the trend of booking charter flights Dubai has to offer has surged in recent years. It has emerged as a hassle-free way of travelling, where you get to experience luxury with class & sophistication.

On this note, let’s look at some of the reasons why people prefer flying by charter flights.

Saves Time

As stated above, whether you fly in business class or first class, travelling on a commercial flight takes a lot of time. From getting in line for check-ins to security clearance, boarding the plane to luggage collection takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, all this time spent little by little makes you get behind your schedule. This can create a massive backlog, especially when you’re travelling on a tight schedule.

On the other hand, if you fly private, you get to save all this time as there’s no requirement of standing in line for check-ins, boarding or security checks. Private jets have their own security lines and they take off when you’re ready.

Control Your Schedule

Finding flights that match your schedule is a cumbersome task, particularly if your schedule is tight with back-to-back meetings. Flying commercials in such a scenario isn’t only burdensome, but it’s risky as well. Because if you get a little behind your time schedule, your meeting schedule will be ruined.

In such situations, travelling on a private jet can prove to be more convenient. In addition, charter flights let you control your own schedule; you can decide and adjust your take-off times as per your preferences.

No Checking of Baggage

Checking in your baggage is quite a hassle when you are travelling on a commercial flight. Not only do you have to pay for extra luggage, but you have to wait for some time in queues also. On the other hand, when you travel on a charter plane, your baggage is free and you can store it in the storage or on-board whichever way you prefer.

Experience Luxurious Traveling

Whether you travel for business or just want to go on a leisure vacation with your loved ones, travelling on a private jet is more comfortable and luxurious. Even the smallest private jets have enough room for you to sleep, relax and work during your flight.

When you fly private, you get to enjoy luxurious travelling with state-of-the-art facilities. All private jets have inflight Wi-Fi, phone, vast infotainment facilities and a cabin environment that you can easily control.

Scrumptious 5-star Cuisine

Undoubtedly, the in-flight meals of commercial flights have improved, but they still taste bland. On the contrary, when you travel on a charter flight, you get to eat delicious food prepared especially for you by Michelin chefs.

Complete Privacy

In today’s era, maintaining one’s privacy is the biggest problem that most of us face. Suffice it to say, keeping your private life private is easier said than done. Nevertheless, with private jets, you can maintain your privacy and travel tension-freely with your dear ones. They let you avoid unwanted attention and make travelling easy.

Safe & Secure Travelling

Flying on a charter plane is more safe and secure. Private jet companies allow their customers to choose their own pilot and cabin crew. This way, you can ensure that the best pilot is flying your plane.

Endless Traveling Options

With private jets, you can travel to the remotest locations easily, which is not accessible via commercial flights. Some far-flung destinations have really small runways that make it impossible for commercial flights to land there because of their massive size. Whereas, on a charter plane, you can easily land there because of their small size.

Fast & Convenient

Travelling on a private jet is much more agile than commercial flights. Private jets aren’t tied to the same network as commercial flights. With sufficient fuel, you can fly directly to your destination without making any stops.

In a nutshell, these are just some of the advantages you get to avail when you charter flights for travelling. If you are a frequent traveler, it’s recommended that you should sort through different offers for private jets for sale, and buy your own. Of course, it’s expensive but spares you from chartering one every time you have to travel. Also, the luxuries it offers makes it a great value purchase.

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