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Here are beautiful villages in Italy you should see

1. San Gimignano, Tuscany

With itspicturesque hillside, vineyards, landscapes, and rolling hills, San Gimignanoin Tuscany is famous for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservationof about a dozen of its tower houses. The hilltop town provides a relaxedantidote to the bustle of Siena and with its enchanting views across thecypress-topped hillsides, it feels a million miles from city life.

Known as Italy’sMedieval Manhattan with originally 72 stone towers, with heights of 50 meterstall, built by the patriarchal families as a competition to display theirwealth. Currently, with its skyline, only fourteen stone towers remain risingunder the Tuscan sun.

2. Manarola, Cinque Terre

With a post-cardperfect scenery, Manarola is on the top of the indigo Ligurian Sea. With itsrainbow-colored homes that pile up brightly, perched on the rocky promontorysurrounding by terraced vineyard this village looks straight out of a moviescene.

3. Pitigliano, Tuscany

A veritablearchitectural kaleidoscope, revealing a layer upon the village’s history. Withits uniform and tight medieval packed houses carve in the tuff stone Pitiglianodepicts the enigmatic Etruscan cave and fascinating mazes, which isdramatically positioned on a volcanic rock surrounded by lush green valleys.

4. Ostuni, Puglia

Sitting at thetop of the vast olive-carve plateau, Ostuni in Puglia is a whitewashed townthat resembles Greece. Its crowning glory and most distinguishingcharacteristic is its uniformly white building that’s being perched around thehillside and where the impressive 15th century Gothic Cathedralsits. With its medieval layouts and its highest part of the town that offerspanoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the Adriatic Sea is reasonenough to make a trip there.

5. Dorsoduro, Venice

One of the partsof the six main sestieri in central Venice and is known as anauthentic city, Dorsoduro is a cultural playground that offers a taste of thereal Venice. The quiet streets and the best sights in the city brings a relaxedand inspiring effect on visitors.

6. Locorotondo, Puglia

Being deemed asone of the most beautiful villages in Italy, its lack of determinable touristattractions, provides an experience to get lost in the town by wandering in itsnarrow streets while enjoying the sun and perhaps peruse one of its ateliers ordine in the side-streets restaurants or just to enjoy the peaceful atmospheres.Locorotondo calms and quiet features let visitors enjoy freely and losethemselves in the myriad of streets.

7. Santa Margherita

 A jumble of pastel buildings and a combinationof old and new, Santa Margherita Ligure is a scene straight out of a ‘50spostcard.  Not known for impressivebuildings or heritage sites, Santa Margherita Ligure is conveniently located atthe heart of Liguria. With its brightly painted fishing boats and naturalbeauty that overlooks the azure hues where the sky meets the sea and framed bytumbling geraniums and bougainvillea.

8. Brera, Milan

Known for itssophisticated, slick design and effortless style, Brera is a gem full of historicand cultural sights and one of Milan’s most attractive neighborhoods. Itsbohemian neighborhood of decades, fantastic galleries, and restaurants makesthe district the artistic heart of the city. The streets of Brera boast smallartisan’s workshops or quaint stores selling canvases and paints enchanting artlovers with it an almost surreal atmosphere. Brera is home to Milan’s famouspainting collection can be seen at; Pinacoteca, thehistoric Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Braidense National Library),and in Giardino Botanico (Botanical Gardens).

9. San Cassiano

Home to a richLadin culture and authentic South Tyrolean experience, San Cassiano is and theepitome of alpine charm.  A quiet littlemountain that allures tourist with it Dolomite charm and atmosphere is known togive a peaceful and tranquil aura that invites tourist to the breathtakingscenery around it.

San Cassiano isa great place to visit if you’re interested to learn the history. It once asite for many WW1 battles and areas that pay tribute to the sordid history. SanCassiano is a combination of beauty and luxury while maintaining its alpinecharm.

Last words

Today we have discussed the 9 most beautiful villages in Italy which are known for their culture and mind-blowing scenes. And we have discussed the things to see at these places. All this will boost your enthusiasm and raise your curiosity to visit these places. Just visit the delta airlines official site right away to get your flight booking done online at very affordable rates. Book now and get ready to explore the best of Italy on your own.

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