8 Important Health Signs to Looks Out for

Good health is one of the most important aspects to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly when something might not be right with your body. Most of the time, you can’t decide if you should see a doctor for further testing or treatment.

It is crucial that we are aware of certain signs which could indicate an underlying problem in our body. As a result, an appropriate action can be taken quickly in order to ensure continued good health. If there’s a masked illness, these signs can help form a quick diagnosis and start prompt treatment. 

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In this article, 8 important health signs are discussed to provide readers with insight into which health issues they need to recognize as potential red flags.

Chest Pain

A wide range of factors including muscle soreness and even a heart attack could be the reason for chest pain. 

The type of chest pain is important to recognize, along with its aggravating and relieving factors. This will help you in explaining the history of presenting illness, and allow doctors to come up with an accurate diagnosis. 

Having chest pains for a long time could also be an indicator of major heart diseases. So, if you are feeling chest pain for more than two days, or having an acute episode of severe chest pain, you must visit a doctor immediately. 

Abdominal Pain

You can get abdominal pain from an upset stomach, or it could be the symptom of more severe diseases such as gastrointestinal cancer. Bowel issues could also be another reason for abdominal pain.

There are many differentials that exist for abdominal pain. Some of these are mild, but some can turn into severe illnesses. So recognizing and treating it as a health concern is very important. 

Whatever the reason may be, do not ignore your abdominal pain, and visit the doctor at your earliest convenience. 

Sudden Weight Change

Diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and thyroid problems may lead to rapid change in weight. 

Along with a couple of other symptoms, sudden weight loss is a major symptom of cancer.

Weight fluctuations are closely linked with the change of our appetite as well. So, visit a doctor as soon as you start facing any consistent changes to your appetite, or see yourself losing weight in a short span of time. 

Fatigue or Weakness

Even a lack of sleep can cause fatigue and weakness, but that only lasts for a short time.

If your weakness lasts for a lengthy period, it could mean diabetes, or sleep apnea. So, visit your doctor as soon as you feel any fatigue in your body that doesn’t come from overworking or a bad sleep schedule.

Breathing Issues

A shallow, rapid breathing can be the symptom of lung or heart disease. It could also be an indicator of pulmonary embolism, or asthma. 

If you face shortness of breath for an extended period of time, it could mean the collection of fluid in your lungs as well. It’s an important risk factor to various problems and should always be checked. 

Ankle or Leg Swelling

Swelling in the ankle or leg usually comes from an injury, but there could be other severe reasons too.

Poor circulation around the body could also cause ankle or leg swelling. That could be the sign of heart, liver or kidney failure. 

Skin Discoloration

Dermatologists believe that you can figure out what’s going inside the body simply by looking at the skin. 

A change in the color of skin may be an indicator of internal disease. According to doctors, the yellow color of skin is an indication of liver disease.

Unusual Rash

A rash can appear on your body simply if you take medicine that you are allergic to. Whenever you begin new medication, be mindful of any rashes that you may develop.

An unexpected growth on the skin could very well be a sign of skin cancer as well. Therefore, an unusual rash should not be taken lightly and you must go see a doctor if you experience it for a longer period and it shows signs of change in color or size after its appearance.

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