7 Things You Must Do Before Replacing Your Aircon

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Replacing an air conditioning system can seem quite an easy and straightforward task. Just finding a new unit, invite an expert, and you get it replaced. However, the common delusion around this whole process is that there is nothing you need to do. In the end, the contractor handles everything.

But if you desire a smooth and flawless operation during the replacement process, you will have to do some extra work. So, before you replace your air conditioning system, here are the seven things you must first do.

1.Determine how old your current air conditioning unit is

A typical air conditioning system should last for a period of about 15 to 20 years. Though, air conditioners used for a full year in warm areas tend to have a reduced lifespan. In such cases, the lifespan drops to between 10m and 12 years. Before you decide to replace your unit, it is quite imperative to ask yourself if the aircon is approaching its recommended lifespan. If the answer is yes, then perhaps it is time to find a replacement.

2. Estimate the costs of conducting the A/C repairs

Suppose you decide to perform repairs rather than finding replacements. How much money would you spend? Is the aircon as simple as a blocked component? Or is the whole system not functioning as required? It is important to note that if your air conditioning system has major problems, it will need more than one major repair. In the long run, these repairs can be pretty costly than buying a brand new unit.
Primarily, if your aircon’s lifespan is nearly ending, and you find out that you’ll be required to spend over 50% of the unit’s general cost on repairs, it would be better to find a new replacement.

3.Aircon maintenance

Before you decide to find a replacement for your air conditioning system, it is essential to check the maintenance and servicing status of the unit. Have you been conducting proper maintenance of the aircon ever since you installed it? For better functioning of an air conditioning system, regular check-ups and servicing must be carried out every year.

By doing so, you can detect and identify any problems early enough before they demand full repairs. Other than the check-ups, an aircon’s filtration system should be changed after every 1 to 3 months. This is particularly if the system is open to dust and other debris.

So, if you are very sure that you have been practicing the proper maintenance of your aircon, repairs can be better. If not, the problems you are facing with your air condition unit might be more severe than you think. The ultimate option is to find a new replacement and be sure to service and maintain it aptly.

4.Check for energy efficiency

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a common rating system that determines how good or bad energy efficient an aircon is. If the rating is higher, the better. In other words, the air conditioner is capable of operating on less energy than those with a low SEER rating. Be sure to check if your unit is outdated as such aircon has low SEER rates due to extended age and usage. In such a case, you should opt for a new aircon system with plenty of SEER for excellent cost-efficiency in energy usage.

5.Understand the type of your aircon

Generally, air conditioning systems don’t come for situations of one size for all. Actually, there are various types of aircon systems, with each boasting a unique set of properties. Is it the traditional split system, ductless mini-split system, or the geothermal system? So, be sure to ask or research better to know the specific kind of your current air conditioning system and find the perfect match for it.

6.What are your comfort needs?

The next thing you should think about is how content you are with your current aircon system; if you have been satisfied with the system’s performance until problems started, you can do some repairs and get the satisfaction back. But if the air conditioning system hasn’t been functioning well enough for your happiness in the past few years, you’ll need to find a new replacement for the unit.

7.Find the right contractor

Have you made up your mind to replace your aircon system? If yes, then you need to find the right contractor. It implies that you will have to do adequate research to find the best expert for the job. Check for their years of experience, their charges, availability, reliability, and convenience. Be sure to find your next contractor at Brisbane Air Con for your air conditioner’s new installations, repairs, or replacements. They have the most reputable, reliable, fast, experienced, yet affordable air conditioning specialists.

Final Words

Coming to a final decision to replace your air conditioning unit requires a lot of careful considerations. With the above seven things to do before you replace your aircon, you can rest assured to find better possible ways of saving your money at the same time get your system on the great performing track.

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