6 Unbeatable Benefits of VA Loans

VA Loans

For active military, veterans and surviving spouses, the loan from the Department of Veterans Affairs program is one of the best mortgage options in the market today. That is because it carries many benefits, and it has made such families achieve their homeownership dreams. These are six major benefits of the loans.

1.No Down Payment

Other types of loans will need some down payment before they can facilitate the funds. With full entitlement, VA loans will allow 100% financing. You can purchase a home minus the down payment. It has given many veterans and other service members opportunities to buy a home sooner than they had anticipated. That is because they don’t have to use all their life savings on a new home.

Every homeowner or an aspiring homeowner knows that zero down payment on a home is a very massive advantage. Without the loans, it will take most of the veterans and service members many years before they can come up with the money needed to put down payment on descent home. You can also opt for USDA financing if you’re looking for a no down payment loan that will help you purchase a home.

2.More Flexible Credit Score Requirements

The veteran’s loan requirements have a more relaxed minimum credit score. The Department of Veterans Affairs doesn’t have a specific credit score, but the private institutions that give the same loans may have different minimum credit scores. However, the minimums usually are lower than what other lenders need. The qualified service members don’t have to worry about having a perfect credit score to qualify for a property loan. They are accepting even after bankruptcy or foreclosure, which is more than what can be said for other mortgage loan lenders. The credit score cut-offs vary with different lenders, so you should check first when using private loan lenders.

3.Limited Closing Costs

There are a lot of funds that go into buying a home apart from the down payment. There are closing costs that borrowers are responsible for. Fortunately, these loans will limit the amount private lenders can charge you for the closing price. They can go more than one percent of the original fee. That will help veterans and other service members reduce the out-of-pocket expenses they need to incur when buying a home. It also prohibits added costs like the lender attorney fees, payment penalties, and broker commission fees. The third-party fees are what make buying a home a costly affair. But with the loans, all the qualified people enjoy limited and sometimes no such fees.

4.No Mortgage Insurance

The other benefit of using veteran’s mortgage loans is you won’t have to pay mortgage insurance. When borrowers put less than 20% of the down payment, they will have to incur monthly charges. The insurance is meant to protect the lenders in case the veteran or other members default. That is not the case with these loans; they don’t require the veterans to pay mortgage insurance. That helps them keep mortgage costs and other monthly payments more affordable. Private mortgage insurance has an average of up to 0.85 percent of the original amount every year. That is a lot of funds that the borrower will have to worry about each month.

5. Better Debt-To-Income Ratios

The debt-to-income ratio (DTI) measures the amount of debt you can carry to your overall income. Most mortgage lenders use it to discredit or decide what the borrowers can get. It’s used to determine if the borrower can manage to pay the loan with monthly payments. Veteran loans have a more forgiving DTI ratio. You can have a high DTI ratio, but that will not hinder you from purchasing a home. The flexibility has given many people an opportunity to maximize their purchasing power. They won’t have to settle for small homes because of their limited monthly income.

6. You Can Use The Loan Multiple Times

The property loan is not a one-time benefit. There is no limited number of times veterans, and other service members can use the loans to purchase a house. When you are done paying off the first veteran’s loan, you can use the veteran loan again to get another property. That means service members can go further than realizing their homeownership dreams. They can become real estate investors if they so wish with the help of the loan. It’s possible to have two loans running at the same time. If, after a house, you still have enough entitlement, you can get another property.


The loans have allowed many military service members and their families to own a home without spending a fortune. The benefits are very many, especially limiting out-of-pocket expenses. It’s probably the most affordable and friendly property loan in the market.

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