6 Tips for Setting up Your Private Office

Private Office

The global pandemic has changed the way everyone works. Social distancing and zoom meetings provide an alternative for group work, but productivity has been significantly low. After all, working from home while lying on the couch doesn’t contribute much towards productivity levels. In some instances, people even end up delaying routine tasks because of laziness. Before this incompetency starts costing you, set a private office. 

Although you can create a workstation at home, it is essential to step out from the four walls. So, why not look for private offices? You will get to work in a secure place with proper furniture and tools. Most working spaces even provide access to high-speed Wi-Fi and printing services, helping you with work-related tasks. However, before calling the shots, you have to assess a few things carefully. 

From understanding the space requirements to the cost of location – you have to pick an office space that doesn’t cost a fortune. To make this less overwhelming for you, let us help you out. Here are some of the crucial aspects you should consider before setting up an office. 

1.Office Layout

Believe it or not, an office layout can make or break the place. An office with small cubicles can halt collaboration. Similarly, an open office might create privacy issues for some team members. Therefore, you have to look for an office layout that aligns with the business needs. Having a balanced layout combined with business requirements will create a well-adjusted workplace. 

Moreover, look for comfortable office furniture, something that conveniently fits in the layout. If this seems like an exhausting and lengthy procedure, find fully furnished office spaces. Perhaps, you can search for reputable commercial office providers like The Executive Centre to set up your private office without hassle. You would only have to grab your laptop and move into a cozy and comfortable office space. 

2.Facilities & Amenities  

Most entrepreneurs only consider the costs when setting up a private office. Besides the rental charges, you have to look for facilities and amenities in the commercial office building. Not having a stable internet connection or proper lighting can impact your work. Hence, focus on your business needs and look for facilities required to run a company smoothly. You have to ensure the place has shared meeting offices, public Wi-Fi, and printing facilities. Having access to all these services in the building will speed up the work, improving productivity levels. 

Similarly, you have to ensure the office has shared meeting space. After all, even if you work as a freelancer, you will have to outsource work at some point in time. Thus, these shared meeting spaces will come in handy. Lastly, check if the place has onsite parking for visitors and employees to avoid any trouble. 

3.Rental Charges 

Usually, people believe private offices cost an arm and leg, but that’s not true. In reality, most commercial office spaces have lower rental charges than standard workplaces. Hence, determine how much space you need and evaluate your budget. Firstly, stay honest with yourself and remove the options you can’t afford. In addition, set a credit limit to ensure you don’t run into losses later. 

Furthermore, perform a cost-benefit analysis and see how much the rent will cost. In case the charges are similar to the lease payments, consider leasing the property. You can consider loan repayments as rental fees and enjoy ownership of the property after a few years. 

4.Equipment, Supplies, & Technology 

The new-age office spaces have moved towards mobile work settings. Don’t you see employees working on laptops instead of desktops? Well, you have to look for a similar working space that is technologically apt. The office should have access to the latest technology and software to support a smooth and efficient working environment. In addition, it should have a fast internet connection to support these initiatives. 

Apart from this, consider the office’s security protocols. Besides conventional security cameras and alarm systems, look for internal digital resources like network authentication. It will ensure external entities cannot enter the system, eliminating the likelihood of data breaches.  Remember to install a virtual private network since you would be using an open internet connection. 


When we talk about going to the office, the commute is one of the biggest concerns. After all, everyone wants to save up on fuel costs. Therefore, while looking for a private office, make sure to pick a suitable location. Preferably, it should be convenient for your team and clients since they are the company’s stakeholders. You can even look for public transport, amenities, and food so that no one has to travel out of the building often. 

Another thing you have to consider when deciding on a location is competition. You have to position your business in proximity to your competitors without creating additional competition. However, if the place is full of similar companies, opt for a different location. After all, working in the same environment can hinder creativity, closing doors for new ideas. 

6.Room to Grow

Undoubtedly, you can’t predict how much more office space you will need over time, but it is wise to keep the options open. Even if you are looking for a private office, find a workplace with enough room to grow your business. After all, you never know when a team of ten people increases to 100 employees. Hence, be flexible and find a space that can expand with your changing business requirements.

Perhaps, you can take a virtual tour of the selected location to determine whether it has enough offices to accommodate more employees. Although this for the long term, it will set up your business for success while opening doors to growth and development. 

Final Thoughts 

The convenience of working from home is different, but now, the same environment is becoming monotonous. Hence, whether you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, step out and set up a private office. You can look for commercial office providers to find a fully furnished office space. Likewise, make sure the place has the facilities and amenities required to run the operations smoothly. Considering these things now will ensure you don’t have to experience any obstacles later.

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