6 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Gogopdf As Your Primary PDF Tool


As you know, technology is evolving at a rapid today, especially when it comes to the internet world. Most people nowadays rely on finding a job online. Even classes started online as well. So, the current situation has changed the lifestyle of many individuals. With this, PDF files have also conquered the online industry because of their versatile nature. 

One way to utilize portable document format files is to convert them to an ISO-Standardized Version or PDF/A. This is actually the best way if you wanted to store your PDF files for a long time. Most people use this method to keep track of all the PDF files they have. Before you convert PDFs to PDF/A, you need to have a PDF tool that could help you utilize PDFs further. Fortunately, Gogopdf will be able to help you with that. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Gogopdf?

One of the most reliable and trusted online PDF tools is Gogopdf. It can actually utilize portable document format files in many ways. Gogopdf is currently one of the top PDF tools you can find online. One reason for that is that they always provide quality and efficiency with all of their procedures. Its versatility can help you in many ways, such as splitting, optimizing, compressing, organizing, merging, converting, and many more. 

As you know, technology is always changing. What may be popular today will most likely become obsolete in the next following years. While changes are happening quickly, preserving your essential documents correctly will help you save a ton of stress soon. Anyone who uses personal computers ends up converting all their files and data to PDF. But, in the next few years, the PDF file layout won’t be the same unless you convert it from PDF to PDFA format. 

The good thing about converting your PDFs into PDF/A is that it’ll be safe and secured. Additionally, it will always be accessible for a long time. Once you’ve converted your files to PDF/A, there won’t be any changes to the current quality as it’s permanently embedded in the file. This is the most convenient way of keeping your files safe and secured. 

Customer Data Security Policy

If you’re hesitant to upload your files and data online, worry not because Gogopdf is equipped with top-class security. Everyone understands how dangerous the internet is, but with this tool, not only you’ll be provided safety and security but respect as well. Gogopdf is committed to securing your files 100%. With that being said, there are a lot of people who trust their services. 

In addition to that, they always respect the confidentiality and privacy of their customers’ information. That way, you’ll be able to use their services with peace of mind. Also, this is for them to show their customers that they’re the right tool to use. Once you’re done using their conversion tool, all of your files will be deleted from their system immediately. That’s to ensure no one will be able to copy your files.

Quick and Efficient Processing

The conversion process of Gogopdf is straightforward and quick. So, if you want to convert PDF files to PDF/A, you’ll get the outcomes in minutes or seconds. It doesn’t matter if you have many files to convert, as you’ll most likely receive the same result. For them to provide you with high-quality conversion, they always keep the original quality of your files. Converting PDF files to PDF/A has never been this easy compared to the other tools. 

The only thing you need to do is to trust Gogopdf and let them handle the process. Upload your files on the website, and get your newly converted high-quality, recently converted portable document files in minutes. That’s how efficient they are when it comes to their processes and procedures. 

Cross-Platform And Multi-Browser Support

One of the most important factors when it comes to PDF tools is accessibility. With Gogopdf, you’ll be able to convert and do other procedures anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this tool is free-to-use, so you don’t have to install or pay anything before using their services. There are no sign-ups, as well. The only things you need to have is a stable internet connection and a device you can use for the conversion. 

The key to a useful PDF tool is accessibility. Without this, users will be having a hard time using your platform. With Gogopdf, you’ll be able to use their features anytime and anywhere. Also, the only thing you need is a stable internet connection. As long as you have that, you’re free to use any method possible on their site. Moreover, Gogopdf is free online software, so you don’t have to purchase or install something to use their services. 

This tool is accessible on many platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS. Aside from that, it’s also available in various browsers such as Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer), Opera, Safari, Mozzila, Google Chrome, and a lot more. When it comes to devices, you can pretty much access Gogopdf as long as you’re connected to a stable internet connection. 

A Convenient Way to Convert PDF to PDF/A

You can actually find many PDF tools online, but it’s also safe to say that Gogopdf is incomparable to the others. If you wanted to convert PDF files to PDF/A, this tool has everything set up for you. There’s just one thing you need to do, and that is to follow four simple steps. The primary step is to select the files you wanted to convert to PDF/A. You can just easily drag them to the website to upload them automatically. 

Once you’ve uploaded the files, Gogopdf will immediately start to convert your PDFs to PDF/A. When everything’s set, your newly converted files are ready for download. Pretty easy and convenient, right? 

Procedures are Done in the Cloud

All of Gogopdf’s procedures are done in the cloud as an online-based application. With this, all your files will be safe and secured. Moreover, Gogopdf always makes sure to deliver high-quality conversion without hassle. As everything is done in the cloud, your computer won’t have to exert effort in doing the procedures. 


Portable document format files can sometimes be overwhelming. But, with the right and suitable PDF tool, you’ll be able to find yourself more productive than ever. So, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable online PDF tool, check out Gogopdf. 

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