5 Ways To Use Technology To Support Your Mental Health

Look at the clock the clock is ticking.40 seconds have just passed and a person committed suicide. This is dangerous really dangerous alone in UK 6507 suicide were recorded in 2018. The number is increasing day by day. In the same year, 800000 people around the globe committed suicide. 

The men around 20 to 49 years of age are the prime victims. So far this is the most common reason because of which this age group dies. This means that for every 10,000 deaths that occur 11 of those are the ones who took their life themselves.

The people with mental health issues are the prime victims. 36% of those who were never able to know that they are actually suffering from mental sickness. This is due to the status of  Taboo given to mental health issues. Due to this people are unable to discuss their problems with anyone. So the doors of mental wellbeing always remain close unless something really bad happens. Thanks to the everyday improvement in technology. The help is available. All you need to do is just try it. 

Here we have discussed five ways that technology made it possible for you to seek help in case you have the condition for any mental issue.

Improve your outdoor life activities

Try to indulge yourself more and more in everyday activities. These activities should involve some physical movement and if outdoor certainly helps a lot.  The easiest of these activities is hoverboard surfing. 

Move around the town, the places you like, breathe in the fresher this will take away the anxiety from you. Modern hoverboards provide many options These come with music applications and are controllable through cell phone apps. The customizable options turn it into a more fun type of journey. But the thing which you must do is to wear the proper shoes while riding on the hoverboard. Hover shoes not only make the ride more comfortable but also improves the riding experience better. These provide proper grip and hold your shoes in a comfortable way. Things become more and more comfortable for the person who is riding on the board. 

Secondary as you have started to take care of your ride better. This will divert your attention from the everyday problem to the issues that are more constructive ones. So our first recommendation here is to improve your outdoor life activities.

Use the apps for the mental issues

Mobile phones are becoming a part of our everyday life. With every passing day the share of the mobile phone is increasing. So why not to use it to improve our mental health. The available apps can handle our different problems. Top of the list are stress and anxiety. 

Let’s discuss some of the really cool apps. The first app helps to keep away suicidal thoughts. The name of this app stays alive. The good thing about this app is that it is available for free. Moreover, this really works as life support for the people who are involved in suicidal thoughts. This app is made with a purpose in mind to prevent all suicide. 

The second app is the hub of hope. This improves the mental conditions by linking you with the people who are living around you. These are the people who provide sport in case of mental health issues. This included different charity groups, different sport groups, and sometimes even different therapies. The app can use your location and locate you with the best possible options. 

Mental Issues with the Students

Distressed for the studies is increasing day by day. This is the reason that students are more and more indulging in mental sickness. Do not worry the help is available. One of the ways is to help yourself is DSA. DSA is an allowance and this means disabled students’ allowance. With the help of this allowance, you can get the nonmedical and technological sport. This sport revolves around your study issues. Once the study issues are resolved the mental health improves automatically. the help can be in various forms it can be in the form of a laptop or personal computer with a printer and scanner. This may also help you with the software you need to improve your studies. This also includes even the lecture recording apps. 

Day to day everyday help from the website

If you are a help seeker and suffering from mental issues. You should know that the help is just a click away. plenty of websites available and provides you with the sport. 

Even the royal family is available to help you. As an advocate of better health, they have launched a project that is known as Shout. So give shout a try. This will be helpful. Thousands of volunteers are there that can help with various issues these issues as per their website includes

· Depression 

· Anxiety 

· Abuse 

· Panic attacks 

· Suicidal thoughts 

· Self-harm 

· Relationship problems

· Bullying

Not a hundred thousands of people are available to volunteer to help you. You just need to give a shout. 

Handling the workplace Issues

The small and simple adjustments. Not only improves the quality of the work but it also improves the mental condition of the people working at a specific workplace. Try to seek help to improve the workplace conditions. even sometimes a simple change. The colour of the wall. The improvement in the light conditions. The improvement in the atmosphere by improving the airflow. The improvement in the sitting posture of the people helps a lot.

Final Words

A problem is a problem until it has been sorted out. So to get rid of the problems you should look for the solution as soon as possible. Sometimes the situation is more near as per our imagination. Technology is improving day by day and this can be our best partner in handling the issues related to our mental health.  

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