5 Van Camping Hacks You Might Need For Your Next Camping Trip

Have you recently gone van camping and realized many things weren’t in place or did you not enjoy camping because you just didn’t know how to go about some things? Well, it can be very frustrating when that happens, and you often wonder, what did I miss? It is always recommended to do your comprehensive research before camping, especially on several hacks that will make your camping experience awesome and comfortable.

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5 van camping hacks

Free campsites

One of the many hacks when van camping is to search for free campsites. These free campsites let you save money which can be used to purchase other tubings and equipment for your camping trips. Several apps, platforms, and websites inform you about free campsites and their locations.

Stay organized with bins

This is a very useful hack when camping in a van. If you’re one to pack along with many things and items during your trip, these bins will help you stay organized and keep your van clean. They can be used to separate your toiletries, lights, and all kitchen equipment. It’s a great way to keep everywhere tidy.

Magnetic window screens 

Sometimes while van camping, leaving the windows open or closed could be a bit of a hard decision to make. If the windows are open, bugs will enter the van, and if they’re closed, the van can become stuffy and hot. Getting a magnetic window screen is a great hack to solve this problem. With it, you can roll down your windows for fresh air and still keep the bugs away. It will be easy to make use of your best camping fan, too, without worry.

Curtains for privacy 

This is a very great hack for those who don’t have tinted windows on their camping vans. You can agree that it’s not always comfortable having someone from the outside see what’s happening inside the van. These curtains are a good way to have privacy and also keep away bright light. 

Packing tubes and tote bags

The packing tubes can be used to separate your clothing, from your tops to your trousers, while the tote bags are a handy way to keep your toiletries and change of clothes when going for a quick shower after a walk in the woods.

How to Light a Portable Propane Grill?

Lighting a portable propane tank is very easy. The steps are listed below:

  • Firstly you have to make sure that the tank is connected the right way. This step is very important. Also, ensure that before use, you have enough gas for your cooking inside the propane tank.
  • Next, turn the knob or valve to release the gas. This is very easy to do
  • Then, you open one of the burners. By doing this, you’re allowing the gas to flow through it, and this can be done by turning the knob of the first burner
  • Ensure that the burners temperature setting is high
  • Lastly, you light the burner. 

All you have to do is to follow the simple steps above, and you have your burner ignited in no time, ready to cook your meals.


These hacks are very easy to follow, and they will make your van camping trips a whole lot better and comfortable. Also, lighting a propane grill comes easy as long as you follow the steps listed above. There are so many other hacks for your van camping trips, including test running your vans, but the ones stated above are key hacks. You can always bring out the campingspark.com with these hacks on your next trip.

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