5 Things To Do Before Rent Your House New Delhi

Increasing the numbers of migrants in search of jobs, living and rising rates of rents and properties in Delhi NCR has forcibly affected the rates of renting a property in New Delhi. In such a case, both tenant and owner of the property require Rent Agreement Online to make the renting process smooth. You should not miss our today’s article to know those 5 things to do before renting your property. 

●    Type of tenant: Delhi is a place which has a mixed population comprising of students, working couples, families, live-in couples, etc. So, the first thing to consider before giving your house on rent in New Delhi is the type of tenant you want. Different people have different considerations regarding the type of tenant like you may want a corporate tenant or you don’t want single people as your tenants or it could be other wants depending upon your choice. It is just you should be clear about your choice.

●    Rent: Next thing to consider is the amount of rent you want. Since the past few years the rental values for flats, apartment, individual houses has grown by leaps and bounds. So, you need to ensure that you set the right price for your house. If you are confused about rent then you may contact various agents and brokers of your area or may contact other homeowners to know how much they are charging for rent. Keep one thing in mind if you are offering better facilities in the house, then tenants in Delhi may also pay higher rent for your house.

●    Draft Rent Agreement: The number of fraudulent cases regarding tenants claiming the house or refusing to leave is increasing in Delhi day by day. So, you should not take a risk regarding all this and draft a renting agreement either in hard copy or through Rent Agreement Online carefully. It should contain all necessary clauses and terms and conditions in order to avoid future disputes and risks.

●    Police Verification: As stated in the above point since few years fraud cases in Delhi have been increased, hence it is essential to do a thorough background check of the tenant. The House owner needs to fill a verification form and submit it to the police station and then it’s the police who has to perform a background check and then to give the approval for the rental agreement.

●    Register Agent or Broker: It is always better to hire a real estate agent or broker as they are experienced in this field and invest their time and efforts specifically in finding the right tenant. They can perform all the tasks like assessing the property to set a rental value, advertising your property to find the right tenant, getting tenant verification, etc., this all will save you a lot of time and hard work. But be careful, the broker may play any foul game with you. So, don’t be blindfolded, use your mind also.


Keep all the above-shared factors that you must consider before you rent your house in New Delhi. Along these you are advised to check out the rent agreement service in Gurgaon, to ensure you are on the right path.

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