5 Scenarios Where You Would Definitely Need Flood Insurance:

We all want our homes to be safe come hell or high water. It turns out that the latter is more of a risk than you might think.

Floods are responsible for the most damage of all disasters in the US. Yet many people think they’re high and dry, safe from flood damage. That situation can change quickly.

Here are five scenarios where you would definitely need flood insurance.

1. Flash (Aaah)

Even if you live in an area that’s usually flood-proof, a flash flood can occur in just minutes. All it takes is a sudden downpour and any home near a river or on somewhat flat ground is at risk.

Flash floods overwhelm the ground’s ability to drain the water away, essentially turning the ground into a waterproof membrane that allows floodwaters to accumulate on the surface. In cities, they can also occur as waters rise beyond the capacity of the sewer system.

Flash floods can do astronomical damage in a matter of hours, and to people that aren’t even expecting them.

2. Forty Days and Forty Nights

While we might do our best to map the climate, the weather remains unpredictable in ways that can have damaging consequences for your home.

There’s no telling, for instance, whether your home will find itself in the middle of a new record for winter rainfall. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, a flood caused by consistent rainfall can creep up on you over a number of weeks, making this kind of disaster almost as surprising as a sudden flash flood.

3. Surge Protector

If you live near the coast, you may be more susceptible to flooding than you might think.

A storm surge or even a tsunami can drive water inland over an extraordinary distance. That could be enough to flood a home that, in normal circumstances, wouldn’t stand the slightest chance of flooding.

4. Deeper Underground

Floods aren’t always dramatic and visible affairs. They can also be subtle. That’s the way of underground flooding, and it’s why only a complete guide for your area can prepare you.

Your home is at particular risk of this kind of flooding if you have a basement. If nearby soil becomes saturated, water can make its way into your basement, potentially causing untold damage.  Even worse, this kind of water damage can go unnoticed for a long time if you don’t use your basement often, causing yet more problems.

5. An Ice Time:

Even beyond dramatic thunderstorms or blizzards, winter can be a destructive time of year.

If you live in an area where temperatures dip below zero, you’re likely to spend many days in deep frost. In the home, frost can wreak havoc through bursting pipes, which can quickly flood a property.

However, not all threats come from within. A sudden change in temperature can lead to swift thaws at high altitudes, which can cause rivers to burst their banks even in areas that aren’t typically flood-prone.

The Need for Flood Insurance

As you can tell from these scenarios, needing flood insurance isn’t always a cut-and-dried topic. Think twice before deciding you don’t need flood insurance.  Are you looking for more life advice? Make sure to check back often.

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