5 Must-Have Essentials For a Great Biking Experience

To be fit and healthy, you must be physically active. Well, riding a bike at frequent times can help you improve your fitness. Hence, many prefer cycling over any other activity. But when you hit the road or mountains with your bike, you will require some key accessories for an enjoyable and safe biking experience. Some items include bicycle lights, helmets, jerseys, track pumps, clipless pedals, etc. Read on to know about the must-have accessories for your everyday trips on a bicycle.

bicycle lights
  1. Helmets: Although some cyclists do not choose to wear helmets, it is one of the most crucial parts of cycling gear. Wearing a helmet protects your head and brain. Hence, when you purchase a helmet, make sure that it fits you properly. Plus, it also protects you from rain, wind gusts and the harmful rays of the sun or UV rays. One of the most affordable options for casual cyclists is the recreational bike helmet. You can also opt for mountain bike helmets that provide great ventilation and rear head coverage. If you purchase road bike helmets, they are well ventilated for swift travel. Moreover, they are lightweight and aerodynamic.
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  2. Track pump: A track pump is an essential item for an everyday cyclist. These types of pumps are quite common for other purposes as well. They are also referred to as floor pumps. They come with a long flexible hose, pressure gauge and a large chamber with the ability to transfer air swiftly to increase the pressure of the tires. Track pumps are reliable and don’t have a lot of working parts, which can break. It comes in handy during unexpected disasters. You can also keep them at home and utilise them each week. If your tire pressure is good, it prevents road punctures. You can also purchase a mini pump and carry it along on all your rides. Although this pocket-sized pump isn’t ideal for maintenance in the long term, it can provide enough air for you to get home.
  3. Jerseys: When you ride a bicycle, you can sweat a lot, and your t-shirts can cause discomfort. But when you purchase cycling jerseys, they resist sweat by absorbing moisture. Their ‘Quick Dry’ technology allows you to remain dry, cool and comfortable. The other features include odour reduction and resistance. Additionally, opting for UV-resistant jerseys can make riding safe and comfortable, especially during the summers. Since cycling jerseys are designed aerodynamically, they can resist strong winds. With the help of their storage pockets, you can store your handkerchief, smartphone and wallet.
  4. Bike lights and reflectors: Although you may discover numerous ways to illuminate your bike, you can look for bicycle lights. Well, for a typical night ride, you require bike lights. When it comes to reflective items on the road, they allow you to see traffic signs, road lines, and animal eyes. Installing bike lights can prevent accidents and provide safety. With more visibility, you will have more time to react to obstacles. When it comes to reflectors, they serve as a great backup for auxiliary visibility aids. They never run out of batteries and add to the overall visibility of the cyclist. You can opt for tire spoke reflectors, pedal strips or LED rear lights. But you must ensure that you are in line with the bicycle laws.
  5. Clipless pedals: Clipless pedals improve pedalling efficiency and allow the rider to put more power through the legs and feet. They provide you with better control and allow you to bunny hop over small obstacles.

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