5 Ideas You Can Try Out To Increase Instagram Followers In Just 3 Days!

Becoming famous on an app that has everyone’s attention is equal to being known around the globe. Who would not love that kind of following, right? That is why I will give you some quick hacks on how to become famous on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, you just can not win over thousands of free Instagram likes in a single night. However, you need to make sure that you are on the right track so one day you finally get there!  Getting free Instagram followers is also possible in 2020.

It is not just about being a blogger or a media influencer, a number of multi-national companies now use the Instagram platform to increase their reach to the audience, publicize about new products, and to win over more clients. 

Following is the list of 5 ideas that you can try if you wish to boost your Instagram page all over the network. 

1. Give Some Time To Writing a Good Caption

We get it! Instagram is supposed to be all about pictures but do you see that tiny caption box before posting? It is there for a reason!

Catchy captions are a great way to hold user’s attention for longer than just a second that they would take to process the picture. 

You don’t need to write something deep or emotional all the time. Sometimes, a funny event or a personal experience can be a great way to enhance the impact that your post will have on the viewers.

2. Hashtags Are Important 

Hashtags have become a trend in recent years with money company using their own personalized phrases as tags. This is a great way to group together posts from different people that are talking about the same thing. 

In case you see a trend and you think you can contribute something productive to it, adding the relevant hashtag will increase your choices of joining the pool of billion people interested in that particular event.

3. Work On Your Profile’s Bio

It is limited space but I have seen people doing magic even with a handful of characters.

Coming up with a good bio is a great way to hold anyone who visits your profile, intentionally or by chance. Again it could be something funny, a summary of what you mostly talk about, or your interests in life. 

4. Schedule Your Posts 

There are some days when we are motivated for everything and then there are others when we don’t feel like moving from the bed. 

However, gaining followers on Instagram is not possible if you keep up the same attitude with your profile. No matter how lazy you are, make sure you invest enough effort to come up with at least 2 to 3 posts in a day. 

5. Sometimes There is No Harm In Using Shortcuts 

Ever heard about apps that get you free likes and followers? Although not highly recommended but they can be sometimes the right place to start on the tiring journey of becoming Instagram famous. 

If you have wanted to go for something exhaustive, you can simply choose 1000 free Instagram followers trial and see how it turns out for you! 

Did you like these ideas? Which ones are you going to try out? 

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