5 Funny And Thoughtful Books For Children Under 8

Reading inspires imagination in children. However, authors who combine fun and thoughtfulness in children’s books help to create critical thinkers from an early age. Buy assignment online so that the child has more time to read interesting materials beyond what is found in class.

Not all books available on the shelves are worth reading. The nature of writing and lessons captured in the book determine the value of a book. As a parent or guardian, you have the responsibility of choosing the right books for your kid. Here are the best books for children below 8 years. 

1. The Elephant and Piggie Series

The book upholds the esteem with which Mo Willems is held in the children’s literature circles. The author has found a way of talking to kids at this age and igniting their curiosity. Luckily, this is a series that keeps going on, helping the children to get deeper into imagination. Mo builds upon characters and stories, helping children at this level to understand sequences. 

The author uses very simple language. The choice of words makes it easy for the children to understand even as you read for them or they read the paragraphs loudly. The ideas are easy for children at this level to relate. Since he writes for beginners, it is the best introduction you can give to your children when they begin to read. 

2. The Book With No Pictures 

It sounds odd for a book targeting children at this level to bear no pictures. However, the author has made the most fantastic compensation using words. BJ Novak is introducing a new concept where the enjoyment of reading does not have to be enticed by pictures. The idea was to help children to build their imagination instead of short-circuiting it using graphics and images. 

The choice of words makes the book more interesting to the reader. When reading loudly, the words are playful and meant to appeal to ears at this age. The call for imagination makes it easier for the kids to fall in love with the stories because they can build their own pictures. 

3. 17 Things I’m Not Allowed To Do Anymore

Among the best books for kids below 8 years is this masterpiece by Jenny Offill. The book is illustrated to assist the children to develop some imagination. The story is created by a child who has a list of things she is no longer allowed to do. The book involves a lot of sadistic kid’s logic that will get you wondering how she even contemplated doing the prohibited things. 

4. Interrupting Chicken

It is too funny to read during bedtime because the children might never sleep. As a girl is listening to bedtime stories, she keeps interrupting because her fairy tale princess is making mistakes. You will want to know how David Ezra Stein has concluded the book. 

5. I’m Bored

The book is ironically written by a comedian Michael Ian Black. It narrates the encounter of a girl with a talking potato. The potato is overwhelmed to the point of declaring that children are boring. This prompts the girl to change her ways. 

These thoughtful books have given children literature a new dimension. They are funny yet thought-provoking. Children who end up consuming these books will ask millions of questions because of the thought-provoking nature of writing. 

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