5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Disability Attorneys

Far more Americans are disabled thanyou realize. Did you know that one out of every four American adults has adisability? That figure amounts to over 61 millionpeople living with a disability.

Millions of these individuals werenot born with a disability. They did not develop a disability due to their ownbehavior.

Instead, they were involved in sometype of accident that changed their lives forever. The good news is thatdisability attorneys can help you get financial justice.

Read on to learn how to hire adisability attorney. Explore five factors for choosing the right lawyer andwinning your big case.

1.References and Reviews

The internet puts a wealth ofinformation at your fingertips. You should use a search engine to find onlinereviews and customer testimonials.

Take notes of both the positive andnegative things said about a law firm. There are customer advocacy resourceslike the Better Business Bureau. They track consumer complaints made against businesses.

Ultimately, you should settle on alawyer with an overwhelmingly positive track record. If there are negativereviews, you can ask the attorney about them during a consultation.

2.Education and Experience

Before scheduling a consultation,you should verify that the attorney has the right education credential androbust experience. Not just any legal experience is acceptable. The rightdisability attorney should have many years’ experience litigating personalinjury lawsuits.

Go on the lawyer’s website and readthe team’s biographies. Here, you can see where they graduated from law schooland how long they have been in practice.

3.Schedule a Consultation

Many personal injury attorneys, likeMark Sweet, offer afree consultation. The consultation is a great opportunity and you should takefull advantage.

You can ask tough questionsface-to-face to see if they are the right lawyer for you. Also, it is anopportunity to see if there is client-attorney chemistry that will help forge asuccessful partnership.

4.Comparing Attorney Fees

An attorney has to fit within yourpersonal budget. You should ask each candidate for a complete breakdown ofattorney fees.

The Social Security Administration(SSA) has laws that regulate how much disability lawyers can be paid. Theagreement that you sign should be in accordance with the SSA regulations. Inaddition, the agreement should state how other fees are handled such as medicalrecord payments.

5.History of Success

It is in your best interest to hirea winner. Ask each candidate what their success rate is. Like professionalathletes, all attorneys keep track of their wins and losses.

You should not settle for anattorney that loses too often. In addition, you should ask specific questionsabout their performance. For instance, what is the average injury settlementthat the attorney gets for their clients?

ChoosingDisability Attorneys: A Recap

Living with a disability is noteasy. However, a disability attorney can help improve your quality of life. Bysecuring a large injury settlement, they can ensure you have the financialresources to live life to the fullest.

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