5 Common Types of Water Storage Tanks and Their Uses:

In India, there are various types of water tanks available and have different usages like at domestic place, commercial place, industries, factories, Various plants, etc. So, pure water is actually a basic necessity in all the uses. There are 6 common types of water tanks that are more useful in India. Water Tank Price is even affordable to buy.

So in this article, we will be focusing on the water tanktypes and their uses.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

They are great options one comes to the agricultural fieldand other commercial uses. Stainless steel can stay strong, non-corrosive, andstay resistant for long years. And why not the steel or metals have been alwaysa good source in the food and water industry. It can keep the water thecontainer safe and no formation of any kind of bacteria at all. Plus, themetals material is always heavyweight but gives a nicer response when it comesto commercial usage.

So, if you want commercial use you use them as a source ofwater storage tanks Because they are big and size and more useful as you think.


They are just perfect when it comes rainwater harvesting. This type of water tank is most common in domestic use. They are placed at the house terrace. have protection multiplayer along with the UV stabilization. They are popularly known as the anti-bacterial water tanks in India. they are much affordable and available in all the sizes. The 100 liters sizes are a standard size for the water tanks and household usage.

Polyethylene is a popular material which eco-friendly forthe water tank. Plus, these tanks come in a dark color. This blocks the sun, soalgae can’t grow. This Water Tank online availability is much easier deliveredat your doorstep.

Subversive Water Containers

The fiberglass has the ability to stay non-corrosivematerial. which are highly available to keep water at a good temperature. Theyhave great technical strength and flexible in use. they are mostly used incommercial industries.  The fiberglass is an expressive electricalinsulator even at low thickness. If you want to save lots of space then go forthe. It can store a huge amount of water for a building not a single floor butthe whole building.

So, if you want a large quantity of water at your workplacesgo for this one. There above the ground fiberglass wanted tanks also available.

 Overhead-Ground Tanks

It is a fiberglass material. They are good water uses indomestic place as well wherein you have to provide water to the differenthoses, They come in very less range but work as water for cleaning the houseand other cleaning activities, Not only this can be used in the commercialpurpose as well for cleaning the machines and other sources. They can storelots of water and especially rainwater storage.

Water has different uses to remember for always. If you havea habit of washing dishes, cleaning the get install this tank for sure.

 Ridged Water Containers

They are very useful tanks when it comes to irrigation useand stormwater. Agriculture purposes do require tanks for spreading water withwhole pressure all around the field. farmers do use the because of the potable.

 Even, they are fire-resistant.

The bottom line

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