3 Top Selling Escada Perfume In Canada

For women looking for a fresh, fruity fragrance, look no further than the Escada line. Founded in 1978 by Margaretha Ley and Wolfgang Müller, this German fashion house offers over 60 unique fragrances that are sure to please. The scents are all original, authentic names, and the scents are not cheap knockoffs. This ad campaign is just one of many ways you can enjoy the fragrances of the Escada brand.

The brand Escada is an international luxury fashion group, founded by Margaretha Ley. “Escada Perfume” is a Portuguese word for stair, and the company was born in Munich. The company made a name for itself by creating vibrant, colorful fashions that were unique to each woman’s personality. In 1990, the brand expanded its line to include the popular Escada Beaute line. The brand launched its first fragrance, Margaretha Ley, and it was an immediate hit.

Escada Magnetism is a fruity floral perfume

Escada Magnetism is a fruity floral perfume with sweet peas, iris, and freesia. Its base is made from sandalwood and vanilla. Celebrate N.O.W. is an oriental floral perfume with spicy ginger as the top note and magnolia at the heart. This fragrance has a long-lasting finish, lasting for 20 minutes. This perfume is the perfect choice for women who want to be noticed by others.

Sunset Heat has fruity pineapple and mango as the main notes, with coconut and other tropical fruits furthering the beachy scent. At the end of the fragrance, pineapple and coconut win out. Sexy Graffiti is a softer, more musky scent with lighter fruit notes like grapefruit and violet. It has a light, woody base. And the fragrance lasts all day long.

Fruity fragrance

Magnetism is a sweet and fruity fragrance from Escada. The scent is fruity and floral, with hints of ginger and sugar cane. It is a powerful, long-lasting scent that is great for younger women. It also has a strong, powdery scent. Aside from being a great choice for young ladies, you can even buy the perfume online. Just be sure to read the product description and compare prices of various brands before making your final decision.

The first two fragrances of the line are sweet and fruity, and the aforementioned three are the most popular among them. If you are a woman looking for a classic scent, the best choice is Escada Sentiment. Its rich gourmand scent is a complex blend of lemon, basil, and hyacinth. The fragrance is long-lasting and is a great option for a woman looking for an exotic scent.

Sexy Graffiti

The third fragrance of the brand, Sexy Graffiti, is a woody, masculine scent that is both sweet and sexy. The effervescent scent is made to be a woman’s signature and exudes a cheerful and sensual aura. It is a scent that has a long lasting effect and is a must-have for any woman.

The most popular Escada perfume in Canada is Moon Sparkle. This fragrance combines floral notes with a light fruity scent. The base notes are musk, amber, and praline. The rose and nectarine are the main components of this fragrance. The floral accords are in the middle of the scent. It is best for a woman with a sexy personality.

Brand’s Most Popular Scent

The second top selling Escada fragrance is the brand’s most popular scent, Escada Celebrate Life. It’s a vibrant, fruity scent that’s made to evoke a woman’s sense of optimism. The notes of this perfume are saffron, orange blossom, and a hint of vanilla. The musk base makes it a great choice for all kinds of women.

The Escada brand has a rich history. Originally founded in 1978 by Margaretha Ley, the brand now has international establishments in 60 countries. Their products are sold in Europe, Asia, and North America. And they have loyal customers. The Crown Princess of Sweden and Sarah, Duchess of York are a few of their many celebrity

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