3 Tips on Building Your First Desktop PC

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Due to the coronavirus, everyone is prohibited from going outside for too long for fear of infection. Most companies have resorted to relocating their staff and employees to work from home. The companies would provide them with laptops or office computers to let them work in their home. 

While some companies and businesses provide their employees with computers, others are not so lucky. They have no other option but to buy their computer to keep working.

Even if you are unemployed, you can still get a computer to edit videos, do graphic designing, play and stream video games, etc. Usually, people who stay at home would get a Lenovo Desktop PC for gaming and working purposes. If you have no experience buying or building a desktop PC, you can follow several expert tips. 

1. Know the Purpose of Your Build

Before you get yourself a high-end Lenovo Desktop PC, you need to know how you plan to use it. You should know that there are hundreds of ways you can build a PC. At one point, you might only need a simple desktop PC setup since you only do office work that does not handle memory-consuming programs. 

But if you plan on building a desktop PC for gaming, you will need a better desktop PC setup. In most cases, people who build a gaming desktop PC would spend thousands of dollars to achieve smoother gameplay and reduce load and boot up times. As long as you know your PC build’s purpose, you should have no problem preparing the funds and looking for the right parts. 

2. Intel or AMD?

The next step is to choose between two CPUs, Intel or AMD. It would be best to research the different CPU power and specs to ensure you install one that suits your needs. You should know that the CPU is the core of your computer, so you need to have adequate knowledge of every CPU you choose. 

However, it is not the only part of the computer that you need to consider, so be careful about spending on your budget. Whether it is an Intel or AMD CPU, you can never go wrong if you choose the latter because both are nearly identical. The only difference they have are their brand names and prices. If you are a big fan of Intel, you can still get the same power and speed with an AMD processor. 

3. All Components Should Work Together

There are times when people would go on a shopping spree for the latest high-end computer parts. Some do not know that the parts they buy may not be compatible with each other when assembled. When you build a PC, ensure that your parts are compatible to avoid any assembly issues. 

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You can ask professional computer technicians to help you know which computer parts are compatible with each other. You also need to be aware of obsolete parts that some people still use because some newer computer parts cannot accommodate the obsolete ones. Knowing which parts are compatible can save you time and let you use the computer right away. 

Don’t forget to keep in mind the tips mentioned above to get a proper desktop PC. The only thing left to do is to find a reliable computer store that can sell quality parts. 

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