3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Living Room Set

Before investing in a living room set, it’s important to think about your living room space, lifestyle, and personal style. Failing to consider one of these elements can result in a purchase that disrupts your living room, creating discomfort instead of the comfort that a good living room set provides.

First, look at the size of your living room. In fact, do more than just look. Get out a measuring tape and write down the dimensions you’ll be working with. Remember to include the placement of vents or outlets. Even if a sofa fits along a wall, it might not leave enough room to access that plug or allow for proper airflow. Once you have measured, plan out where each piece of a furniture set might go. You’ll have lots of options of sets, from various shapes and sizes to the number of pieces included in the set. Through online retailers, you can browse living room sets on sale to get an idea of the hundreds of options at your fingertips.

Next, think about utility. Essentially, your living room set should serve a specific purpose, but that purpose will look slightly different depending on your family and lifestyle. For example, if you have toddlers or pets, you’re going to want to prioritize durability when looking at fabrics and materials. Leather is particularly resistant to tears and stains. Comfort plays a significant role here, too. How comfortable you feel using your living room set determines whether it is serving its function properly. Just like the classic fairy tale, you’ll want to find a set that meets your lounging preferences, not too hard and not too soft, as well as the number of total seats to accommodate your family or regular guests.

Finally, you must not forget style. While you want your living room furniture to be practical, in that you want it to serve its purpose and fit well into your available space, you also want to enjoy your set. What this means is considering not only elements like your favorite colors and designs but the room overall. Your furniture set will serve as the major focal point of your living room, so it’s important that it match your walls and carpet or hardwood floor. While smaller furnishings and décor accessories can be easily replaced or introduced to tie different elements together, you want to start with a core that you genuinely like. You’re far more likely to care for your furniture well and to receive true comfort and ease from using it when you appreciate its appearance at least as much as its physical comfort. 

If you keep these three aspects in mind when shopping for your next living room set, you’re far more likely to end up with furniture that stays with you for years. It’s well worth putting in the extra time beforehand to think about how these larger furniture elements will fit into your home and life, rather than finding out afterward that they just don’t quite fit.

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