3 Philadelphia Sites That Could Convince You to Stay

The city of Brotherly Love is a hot spot for travel and vacation: but it can be so much more for those who are ready for a lifelong commitment.  Instead of trying to figure out excuses to visit again and again, you should consider staying!  There are tons of websites that all cover Philly with tons of affection and praise, but these three are more than just lip service.

Philly Voice

Although this site also puts out news for southern New Jersey, it’s a significant hub for anyone from Philly.  Although it has the usual sections, like news, crime, and politics: it also works to bring you the full story with ‘odd news.’  These odd news articles are focused on the stories that don’t usually get told.  Philly Voice focuses on giving a platform to the city people who want it and giving everyone a chance to be heard and felt seen.  Although some arguments break out in the comments over politics, you’ll never find a city that doesn’t disagree here or there.  Philly is full of passionate folks who want to make their city the best place on Earth.

Philly Fun Guide

Brought to us by the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, the Philly Fun Guide is here to help us navigate everything to do, see, and experience within the city.  Even a glance at the website will show you at least ten exciting things you can do this weekend.

You can sort by themes or groups on a sub-menu, ranging from LGBT activities to sports and free activities.  Nearly every neighborhood and suburb also have its section to allow you to discover what’s going on in your area.

Spend a week trying at least one event from the site every day, and you’ll realize you don’t want to stop!  This site is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the area you’re in and will have you looking at Philadelphia houses for sale.

Philadelphia Magazine

The Philly Mag, this publication is the hot spot for everything from popular restaurants to important news.  Publishing local writers and artists to share their stories and information from the area, this magazine is as purely Philadelphia as possible.  This magazine is fully digital, and because of this, it updates in real-time as events unfold.  You can also connect with your neighbors here in the comments and get to know the history and truth behind this beautiful and historic city.

Philadelphia is more than its history, more than The Liberty Bell, and more than the unrest of recent years; it’s the birthplace of America.  The people who live here breathe new life into its history every day and take part in creating an even better future.  Although the jury is out about which sports teams are best or which neighborhood is the most affordable, you can get more out of Philly than any other city in the country.

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