3 Excellent Features of PDFBear For Organizing Your PDF Files:

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Day by day, the technology we are using is continuing to evolve. PDF or Portable Document Format have become an accustomed tool for our important documents. It is used mostly in business, schools, contracts, etc. It is the best productivity life hack that should be exploited by many individuals. However, you can still encounter some drawbacks along the way.

In dealing with this kind of drawbacks that you might encounter. You will need an online PDF converter tool to help you solve some of the messy things about PDF files. PDFBear is an online PDF converter tool that assists your converting essentials as you convert your important PDF files.

About PDFBear

PDFBear dominates the entire internet as one of the most prominent online PDF converter tools you can use today as most of us need an online PDF converter tool for our documents. PDFBear knows the demand for your PDF files’ needs and puts up a supply of numerous functions you can utilize.

You can have countless options on what function you want to use for your PDF files. When you use PDFBear, you can convert your PDF file format and transform it into another kind of format, compress PDF file, optimize PDF file, Unlock PDF file, Merge PDF file, Split PDF file, and many more options that you might need for your documents.

When you visit the website of PDFBear, the first thing that will be displayed is appropriately arranged and organized functions for your PDF files. It even has a pleasing design and combination of colors to have an attractive overall vibe into it. You need to click on the specific function you want to use, and you will be transferred into a new tab and start converting.

Here are some of the underrated functions that only a few people know.

  • Merge PDF Files

The first question that should be answered is, why do we merge PDF files? One of the most common reasons why most individuals love to merge their PDF files is the benefits you can experience when your PDF files are combined into one. The benefits that we may experience with merging our PDF files come in with a long list.

An example of a benefit when we merge our PDF files is decluttering our desktops. When we merge our PDF files into one, our desktop will be cleaner in terms of the display as most of your PDF files that have been just laying around your desktop will be moved into a sing PDF file. By doing this will allow you to organize your PDF files in a better place.

Another reason why you should merge your PDF files is to compact multiple PDF files into one. This is recommended if the PDF files have the same topic or have a reason to be placed together. This is usually done when putting together contracts, book references, etc. Hence, why merging your PDF files is an essential aspect of online documents.

Having all of those benefits when you merge your PDF files is a great advantage to face the online community. However, merging your PDF files also comes with a drawback. When you merge your PDF files, the file size gets bigger than usual, leading to an inconvenient experience when transferring files online. A reliable internet connection could solve this problem.

  • Split PDF Files

Why do we Split PDF files? If you can merge multiple PDF files into one, you can also split them in half or into multiple PDF files as you wish. This function of splitting PDF files is also available when you use PDFBear. A contrast reasoning compared to merging your PDF files is why you should split your PDF files in the first place.

When you split your PDF files, it allows you to shrink the PDF file’s file size. When the file size gets smaller than the original PDF file, you can now transfer or share your newly transformed PDF file on the internet much faster. This is recommended if you are having trouble moving PDF files online as you might encounter a website that allows a specific file size requirement when sharing.

You should split your PDF file to extract the specific pages that you want in the PDF file. Because sometimes, you only need a specific page from a particular PDF file. By doing this will allow you to remove the unwanted pages of a PDF file. This is recommended if you are reading a book or doing some research and extracting content from it.  

  • Delete PDF Pages

Why do we need to delete PDF pages? PDFBear offers this function with its comparison with Splitting a PDF file into several PDF files. When you delete PDF pages from your PDF file, it will thoroughly remove the page from your PDF file. Meaning as you convert your PDF file, It will just remove the specific pages that you choose.

It is recommended to keep the original PDF file in your storage for future needs. A reason for that is you might need them as time goes by and having them in your storage is much safer for unpredictable conditions you might encounter. When deleting PDF pages from your PDF file also reduces your PDF file’s file size for a much more convenient sharing experience.

Deleting pages from your PDF file is usually done when you mistakenly put an error in your PDF file.


Each individual has a different approach on how they utilize the benefits when using an electronic document. Most of that different approach leads to a third-party tool that is the best way to utilize their PDF files. From what you have read in this article, these are the three functions best used to organize your PDF files.

The three functions that we have mentioned compose of a unique purpose for every PDF file. Hence, choosing the best function that will help you in your endeavor is essential and choosing the best online PDF converter is a must.

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