11 Travel Tips for Making Your Visit to USA Worthwhile

Do you wish your travel to the USA to be worthwhile? Follow these tips for an amazing and hassle-free journey.

Are you looking forward to an easy and hassle-free trip to America? If you are traveling for the first time, help is on your way. We bring you tips to make your stay in the USA worth enjoying. 

No doubt, the United States is a popular travel destination. There are some rules one must follow to make the trip safe, fun, and easy. These are the things you must know to have a great time in 2020-21:

1: Check Your Passport and Visa

Of course, it’s a no brainer, you must check your passport’s validity before booking the flight. It must have at least 6 month’s validity. 

Then, choose the right type of visa as per your traveling plan. It’s pertinent to obtain an approved visa at least 72 hours before the flight. Check the US Customs and Border Protection ESTA site for more details on the visa application process.

2: Turn Off Your Mobile Data

Don’t make the mistake of using your domestic Internet plan, using only Spectrum Internet for reliable connectivity when traveling to the USA.  Mobile phone roaming rates are highly expensive so turn off your mobile and rely on free Wi-Fi wherever it’s available. 

3: Rent-A-Car or Rideshare

The USA is one of the technically advanced countries in the world. However, public transport is not great at getting you from one location to another. The train network is confined to within the bounds of major cities.

Therefore, to get around places, you either have to rely on ridesharing apps or rent a car and drive yourself.

4: Watch Out for the Weather

The USA gets all four seasons. The northern side is cooler than the southern side. The eastern coast, on the other hand, is very hot and muggy. West has consistent weather throughout the year. Depending on the regions you will be visiting, bring appropriate clothes to avoid unnecessary cloth shopping when you reach the place.

5: Don’t Forget to Tip 

Tipping is the norm here so you better prepare your mind. Although you won’t get in trouble if you don’t tip but you will confuse the waiter. 

Usually, the tip lies between 15 and 25 percent of the total price of the bill.

6: You Might Be Investigated 

Airport security in the USA is tight. If you are going to the busiest airports, expect long waiting in queues to complete the security checks. It is recommended to arrive 2 to 3 hours before your flight to clear the security and board the plan on time. 

7: Use a Map

It’s easy to get lost in the wrong neighborhood when you don’t have a map. Therefore, follow the map at all times and you will reach the destination safely. Don’t hesitate to ask for directions when necessary. 

8: Get Used To Showing Your ID

Keep your passport with you at all times. Since you are not a citizen or a resident you won’t have a driver’s license or ID. An alternative is showing your passport.

When you are from a different country, it seems annoying and somewhat insulting to showing your ID again and again. But you are not alone, even the locals have to show their IDs.

9: Come With Loads of Money

Hands down, the USA is expensive. If you are coming to the country to shop, you should come with lots of money. Also, if you are to visit more than one city, you will need more travel money as well. Booking a ride or renting a car is expensive than taking a bus or train.

10: Explore the Natural Beauty

The USA has a variety of scenic spots for you to explore starting from mountains to oceans. The Midwest is famous for its plains with majestic views. Create an itinerary beforehand so that you know which beautiful places you are going to visit.

11: Be Open to Strangers

I know we have been advised not to talk to strangers. But saying hi to people isn’t a bad idea. Americans are friendly. And if you tell them you are traveling for the first time, they might even give you some suggestions about the best travel destinations. And who knows you become great friends. 

Other Tips

  • In case of a medical emergency, call 911. 
  • Before traveling, make sure you have travel and health insurance 
  • The preferred method of payment is credit cards and bank cards. Before traveling, it makes sense to call your bank so they are aware you will be using your card in another country.
  • The US has six time zones. Figure out the time zone in your travel destination 
  • Watch travel, weather and news channel on Spectrum TV when you’re in USA.


Your trip to the USA is going to be full of exciting adventure if you plan everything. To make your experience worthwhile, don’t hesitate in asking around. Customer care in America is highly valued. Someone will definitely help you out.

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