10 Fascinating Rocky Mountain Facts You Might Want To Know

The second-longest mountain range in the world is the Rocky Mountains. It’s also considered the most extended mountain range in North America. It offers diverse wildlife, alpine lakes, and dramatic wilderness. The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is packed with many and various hiking trails. Because of the Rocky Mountains’ extensive land area, it supplies one-fourth of the water around the United States. 

Besides that, the Rocky Mountain stands between Canada and the United States of America because of its unimaginable length. Here are some fascinating facts about the Rocky Mountains if you want to know more about this fabulous national treasure. 

Things to Do in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains isn’t just a popular national treasure, but it’s also famous for its tourist spots and activities. Amazingly, you can do almost everything when you’re visiting the area. From fishing, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, and most mountaineering. This is probably the most primary Rocky Mountains facts that you might want to know. 

The Rocky Mountains Offers Diverse Wildlife

Because of its mountain range, it’s a shelter for most of the animals in the area. Animals such as coyotes, black bears, grizzly bears, marmots, and even mountain lions can be found beyond the Rocky Mountains’ national park. These animals aren’t just available in the park, but it can also be seen in the Rocky Mountains. One crazy fact of this fantastic treasure is that this mountain is also a house to rare animals such as wolverines and lynxes. 

After Colorado, Wyoming Has the Second-Highest Point of the Mountain

The highest point in the Wind River Range’s southern area is the Wind River Peak, which stands around 4209.1 Meters and is in Wyoming. So aside from the highest peak that can be found in Colorado, some of the highest peaks can also be found in New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming. 

The Rocky Mountains is House to a Super-Volcano

Yellowstone National Park is in the United States of America, which is also along the Rocky Mountains. Inside the Yellowstone National Park, you can find the super-volcano called ‘Yellow-Stone Caldera.’ If you’ve seen the movie “2012,” you can see there the eruption of this super-volcano. But in reality, this has never happened, and there’s no source that it will also happen. 

Some people, along with some geologists, believed that this super-volcano is already overdue in erupting. So, there’s a lower possibility that the Yellowstone Caldera will erupt. But, if it erupts, it could blow up ash thousand miles along with the United States and would cause a big catastrophe. Well, for your assurance, lots of experts say that the volcano is less likely to erupt as its eruption occurs millions of years apart. 

The Rocky Mountain National Park is Open All Year Round

Rocky Mountain National Park has limited access to some parts during winter and early spring. Although it’s open throughout the year, some parts just have limited access because of the snow. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot access the park. Some low-elevation trails and paths are still open to the public and can be visited by various tourists. 

The areas on the east side of the Continental Divide are also open during winter for hiking and snow-shoeing. Despite the restrictions, people can still enjoy their stay in the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

The Fastest Route to the Rocky Mountains National Park is Highway 36

Though there are about a couple of ways to drive to the Rocky Mountain National Park from Denver, the fastest route still lies north on Highway 36. This is from Boulder to the town of Estes Park. The length is approximately around 66 miles from Denver. After that, you can drive to Highway 34 to the Rocky Mountains National Park. 

The Best Months to Visit the National Park is From June to September

If you plan to visit the amazing Rocky Mountains National Park, the best month should be from June to September. This is the time where the snow is mostly melted. Well, you can still enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding in a limited area. During this time, the best activity is hiking trails and mountaineering as the attractions and the path to hiking trails are becoming more accessible. 

The Mascot of the Rocky Mountains

The Bighorn sheep are considered the mascot of the Rocky Mountains. Around 400 of these amazing sheep are living in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The Bighorn sheep is also considered the largest wild sheep in North America. Because of their presence in the mountain range, these sheep became the Rocky Mountain National Park symbol. If you wanted to see them in the park, the best month to visit is from May to June. 

You Can Find An Old Tea House in the Rockies

You can find an old tea house seven thousand feet above the valley of Lake Louise, which still serves tea to travelers. The tea house is on the Canadian side of the Rockies, and it has been there since the 1920s. Today, it’s been operated by local families with a history of almost 100 years. It’s also open to the public throughout the summer. 

Indigenous People Are Still Living in the Rocky Mountains

Various indigenous people are still living along with the Rocky Mountains. These people are there since after the Ice Age. You can find indigenous people such as Apache, Flathead, Cheyenne, Bannock, Sioux, Shoshone, Arapaho, Kalispel, Ute, Blackfoot, Coeur d’Alene, Kutenaim, and Crow people. Based on these various kinds of indigenous people, there are still quite a lot living in the Rocky Mountains. 


The Rocky Mountains have and will always be one of the greatest national treasures in the world. There are still many things you need to know about how wonderful this mountain is, and isn’t it amazing knowing all of these facts? These are just some primary rocky mountain facts, and there is still a lot more to learn about it.

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